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Language of the Month

Why have a Language of the Month?


There are many reasons why we should know about one another‛s languages, including the following:

∙ To give bilingual children the opportunity to demonstrate the language skills they bring to school.

∙ To enhance the status of bilingual children.

∙ To broaden the horizons of monolingual English-speakers.

∙ To show respect for other languages and cultures.

∙ To give parents an opportunity to be actively involved in their children‛s learning.


This month’s' language is Urdu.


It is the official language of Pakistan. Please take the time to practice the Urdu vocabulary provided. Please also view the website below to practice the pronunciation of these words.


There is also a Pakistan flag colouring page that your child can decorate. Send in your flags to Miss Patel, so that she can select some to display on the school Language of the Month display board.

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