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Archived Year 2 2014 – 2015

We have been busy in the allotments with the warm weather this week! Here are our first strawberries! Thank you Mr Nott and all your volunteers for our beautiful garden!

This week we had a visit from Lola from 'Little Architect'. She taught us about how cities have grown and changed over time. We became architects and thought about what buildings we could design for a city in the future.

Horrible Histories - We have been learning about significant people from the past.

Piano Lesson

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Ollie found a love for music this half term through his piano lessons. He has found a way to express his creative side and has shared his passion with the rest of Ash class. This has developed Ollie's confidence and motivation for learning.

We have been learning how to play cricket! Look at our bowling and batting!

Peeling and Chopping! We used our apples to make apple turnovers!

The sealions at Chessington Zoo!

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The upside down jellyfish at Chessington Sealife Centre

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The roaring lion at Chessington Zoo!

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Chessington Zoo and Sealife Centre

Presenting our town to the world!

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This half term we have enjoyed looking at maps of the world and learning about the 7 continents and 5 oceans. We have looked closely at maps of the United Kingdom and learnt about the capital cities.
Through looking at simple maps and going on local walks in Redhill and Reigate, we have identified the features in our local environment. We wrote a report on Redhill to give people information about where it is, how you can get there and what you can do. We also wrote our own leaflets about Reigate to tell people about the park, caves, high street and other facilities in Reigate. We then used our knowledge of different towns to design and create our own towns.
Firstly, we thought about what people might need in a town, such as a hospital or a fire station. Secondly, we thought about what they might like to have, such as a swimming pool or cinema. We then thought about where to put different features, for example, the school near the houses. We put all our ideas into a plan and then created a paper model of our town. We then used our plans to make our towns using recycling materials.

Afternoon Tea!

Year 2 PE

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