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Archived Year 3 2015 – 2016

Year 3's amazing creations for their charity fashion show - Anything But Clothes!

3M clay pots - the finished product!

Fredrico comes to visit 3M!! What a very exciting day for the children!

3M investigate different combinations of money to create their Ancient Greek Zoo!!

3M make clay pots!

3M investigate different combinations of time for their ultimate school trip!

Greek Day - 3M - Fun activities!

Year 3's trip to Reception to see the chicks and to take the Reception children to visit the Woodlands

Pond life for 3M

3M give directions!!

3M give directions!!  1
3M give directions!!  2
3M give directions!!  3
3M give directions!!  4
3M give directions!!  5
3M give directions!!  6
3M give directions!!  7 Finley was less than impressed....

3M go to the local mosque

3M investigate the world's flags in maths.

3R - Maths in the Woodlands!

3M find symmetry in the Woodlands!

Year 3 get in touch with their inner artist at the pond...

Year 3 go to RHS Wisley - 3M

3M plant our seeds and explore Earlswoods pond area

3M design and make their own super food soup!!

'The Flintstones' being played on Flint stones

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Mr Scullin and Year 3 created an amazing piece of music out of Flint stones. They had to find Flint stones with the correct note and design a stand for them to play on. The result was incredible!!

Year 3 build their own dream garden

3M's Stone Age Poem

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Stone Age day

Stone Age day 1
Stone Age day 2
Stone Age day 3
Stone Age day 4
Stone Age day 5
Stone Age day 6
Stone Age day 7
Stone Age day 8
Stone Age day 9
Stone Age day 10
Stone Age day 11
Stone Age day 12
Stone Age day 13
Stone Age day 14

3HG 10 things in a cave girls satchel

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3R's 'Ten things in a cave girl's satchel' poem

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Christmas making day

Models of the human body

Skeleton sketched onto our watercolour background.

Subtraction bowling!

3D shape models

Year 3 go on a 2D shape hunt!

Dr Strutton talks to us about our brain and nervous system!

Dr Strutton shows us a real skeleton!

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