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Stream bedtime stories read by London Zoo’s keepers (and animals!)


Tails from the Zoo is a new series of bedtime stories streaming on London Zoo’s Facebook page each weekend, starting this Saturday January 16. Each week, a new zookeeper will step up to the challenge of reading an animal-themed children’s book to camera, while the zoo’s most cute and cuddly inmates lark about in the background. 

Oak Academy Free Online Book Library

Websites to Inspire Writing 

If you would like to do some extra writing at home these sites below have a fantastic selection of videos and pictures which will help to inspire you! 


Once upon a picture - 


Literacy shed - 


Read for good (scroll down to use the 30 second story maker -

Phonics Play Comics.



This is a great website where the children can read a comic linked to their current Phonics Phase! There are a variety of different comics to read and enjoy! 

Surrey Libraries 

Did you know that you can register to use Surrey libraries online? Once registered you can  access their online library service containing free e-books, comics and magazines.

Oxford Owls allows you to access books that match your child's reading colour. You will need to create an account but access to the books is free.