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History and Geography

Here you can find some useful websites that you can use to support your home learning as well as ideas of other fun projects to try at home. 


Remembrance Day

Next week, we will be looking at Remembrance Day and linking this to our PSHE focus of appreciation. The 11th November marks Remembrance Day (otherwise known as Armistice Day) and at 11am there is a two-minute silence. This is to mark the end of the First World War and is a time to remember all those lost in subsequent conflicts and wars.


You can find out more  on the following websites: (KS2)


You may like to complete some work in line with this.

Key Stage 1

Pupils could draw or paint pictures of poppies. 

Pupils could create a piece of art to show how we celebrate Remembrance Day. 

Key Stage 2

Pupils could research the poem 'In Flanders Field' by John McCrae and think about the meaning of the poem and the imagery it creates. After researching the poem they can either;

draw pictures to resemble the parts of the poem which stand out to them OR write a short paragraph about how it made them feel/ what it made them think of. 


These websites gives you information about your favourite History and Geography topics including History of London, Ancient GreeceLocation of Countries and Glaciers. You could use the information to make your own fact files! There are also lots of activities that you can print and try making at home.


Games and Quizzes

These websites provide you with games and tests to assess your knowledge on a variety of topics including, your knowledge of the world's countries, Ancient Greece and significant figures in history. (History KS2) (History KS1) (Geography KS1)



Antarctic Lands and Desert Sands

These links are related to Year 6's current topic, Antarctic Lands and Desert Sands, focusing on longitude and latitude and exploring the Galapagos Islands. Both have a 'test your knowledge quiz' included too.



Great Plague

This link provides more information into the Great Plague, a central part of Year 5's current topic. 

You may want to complete some work in line with this. 

You could create a timeline of events. 

You could look at how the Great Plague spread across the world. 

You could create a fact file using this website to help you.