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Additional Homework: Fish words.


We are now sending fish words home with the children. These are the 100 high frequency words and tricky words which the children will need to read by sight and will have a significant impact on their reading confidence. Please practise these at home and once your child is able to read them by sight, return the fish sheet into school where we will assess your child and send the next fish home.

Earlswood Reading Teds

We are thrilled to announce the return of our much loved Earlswood Reading Teds in Reception.

Working towards their very own Reading Ted is a fantastic way to support and encourage your child’s daily reading and help inspire a life-long love of books.


How do I earn my Ted?

We would like to give all children the opportunity to earn their Ted this year.

Once your child has 50 recorded reads in their reading record book, they will be awarded their Ted and a celebratory certificate.


We will be counting one read per day from both home and school. Please note, we will not record how many books have been read in one day for instance, if you read three books one afternoon we will only count it as one read. We would encourage at least 5 reads per week.


Every subsequent 25 reads will earn a celebratory certificate and an item of clothing or accessory for your child’s Ted knitted by our enthusiastic and busy team of knitters!


I already have my Ted!

If your child already has a Ted, they will be able to earn a new item of clothing each time they reach a further 25 reads in their reading record book. 


Can I become a knitter?

Yes please! If you would like to become a knitter for the Earlswood Reading Teds please talk to your child’s class teacher.


Happy Reading!