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Musical Instruments


To round off our Beat, Band Boogie topic the children will be making their very own musical instruments. To do this we need your help! If you have any cereal boxes, kitchen roll tubes, tissue boxes, bottle tops etc lying around the house please send them into school with your child. We will then quarantine them before using. As always thank you for your help.


Year 2 Team 

Nativity Costumes


Normally, as a school, we would provide costumes for the children to wear during their Nativity performance. However, due to the current situation, we are unable to do so and we are asking for your help. Please find below the list of costumes required. If you could provide a costume for your child’s part it would be greatly appreciated. Could this please be placed in a plastic bag which has your child’s name clearly on it and sent into school by Friday 27th November. Remember everything you send in should have your child’s name on it! Any problems please talk to your child’s class teacher.


Thank you so much for your help and support!


The Year 2 team





School Uniform

Polo shirt/shirt

Grey trousers/skirt/pinafore


Tea Towel-plain or chequered preferable

Angel Gabriel

Dressed in white - Gold Tinsel

e.g. Leggings/t-shirt/


Waist coat - if possible

Tea Towel


Shawl - preferably white or blue

Blue skirt/white t-shirt


Tea towel


Dressed in white - Silver Tinsel



Tea Towel

Dressing gown - preferably plain

Wise Man

Crowns (to be made at school)

Cape- preferably plain


Outfit provided by school

Sculpture Week


As part of a project that the year 2's will be doing during sculpture week we are asking if the children could bring in any empty cereal boxes and any small boxes such as toothpaste boxes, face cream boxes or perfume boxes from home that we could use during our project. We ask that these could be brought into school by Friday 16th October so that we can give them time to isolate before we use them. Thank you in advance for your help!



In Year 2 the children sit down to eat their lunch at 1pm. This is slightly later than they did in Year 1 and is a long morning for the children. We ask if you could ensure your child has a substantial breakfast that will keep them going until lunch. The children have fresh fruit and veg available to them daily for if they get hungry in the interim. We thank you for your support. 




This year our P.E. days will be Tuesday and Thursday. Please send your child into school dressed in their P.E. kits on these days. 




In Year 2 we do outdoor learning each Friday. Please note that we go out in all weathers so we ask that you provide a pair of wellies which can be left at school. The children will also be required to wear a waterproof this day as we will be going to the junior school to use the woodland area.