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Hello all!

Welcome to the Outdoor Learning page. I’m really pleased to see you have clicked onto the outdoor learning blog.   


Of course, with the current situation we have, our Outdoor Learning may become slightly more difficult. BUT, there are tonnes of ways to upskill ourselves for outdoor learning indoors.


This page should lead you to a variety of links to follow, each with tonnes of activities - as well as a few suggestions from myself. Hopefully this page will provide you with some inspiration for outdoor learning, indoors! A few of the activities will require some form of access to the outdoors. This list is not exhaustive, so please email me any other links you know of, or anything else that you think will be valuable for others. Thanks in advance.


Please keep up-to-date with government guidance on going outdoors and consider your own home situation. Take this into account to best look after yourselves and your families.


I would LOVE to hear about what each of you are getting up to, please email to keep me updated! I will do my best to get back to you ASAP and would love to share some of your work with everyone else here.


If you do email me, please include your name and your class and if you are happy for me to post it to the blog. I’d love to see stories, pictures, drawings, comic strips, sculptures or anything else that you can think of!


There will be a number of prizes up for grabs!!


I will be looking out for those children who:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to their learning
  • Share the most imaginative pieces of work
  • Find interesting facts from our local area (this can be historical or geographical)

All I ask is that you try your best. It will show in your work!



Websites, Channels, Apps and More!





Primitive Technology—John Plant

This is Mr Jackson’s favourite channel.  Fantastic ‘how to’ guides on primitive shelter building, tool making, clay firing and much more!

John Plant has also released a book on how to - great ‘wish list’ item for those budding adventurers.


Woodland Trust—British Trees App

Great way to identify a variety of trees in your local area.  You may identify trees by their features including: Leaf/needle, leaf bud, flower, fruit, bark or twig and branch.

The app is very interactive and provides some fantastic information as well as an ‘interesting fact’ for each species.

The above link will provide access to both Apple and Google app stores to download for free!


Outdoor Classroom Day

Another great website full of activities for you to choose from. No need to log in. Click on resources at the top which will bring you to a page where you may filter your search by age and subject.


Flower pounding

You will need:

· Flora (flowers or leaves)

· Fabric (old bed sheets/pillow cases will work)  OR thick paper

· A hammer

· Paper towel


1. Collect your materials - look for vivid colours. CONSIDER what you are picking, how common is it? If rare DO NOT pick it!  Dandelions work wonderfully!

2. Snip any thicker or squishy parts of the plant off and arrange on material

3. Once you have decided on the layout, take a picture to remind yourself and remove all items.

4. Make sure your material is on a smooth, sturdy surface (that will not be damaged by hammering, chopping boards work well).

5. Placing the flowers onto the material one at a time, cover with paper towel and gently hammer the area of the flower. You should begin to see some colour appear on the paper towel.

6. Repeat step 5 for each item of flora until you have finished.

7. Admire your master piece.

8. Email it to Mr Jackson so he can also admire your master piece!


Links below for flower pounding!


Plant a sunflower

If accessible have a go at planting a sunflower - beautiful in the garden at home, if you’re lucky enough to have one! If not, bring them to school and we will plant them here! Mr Jackson would love to have sunflowers dotted around the school in the summer.

Once the sunflower starts to grow, you could measure the growth each day. Maybe, plant two and have them both in separate parts of the house—which one grew more? Why?



Measure the rain fall in an hour

On a particularly wet day you might like to put a container outside (a window ledge will also work, just make sure it is steady). Bring it in after an hour and measure the rain fall.


Build an indoor fort!

Check with adults at home first! Using old bedding, chairs, sofa cushions, pillows or anything else available to build an indoor fort! Once built this can be a perfect nook for a bit of quiet reading or drawing!


Have a go at growing fruits of veg from the seeds in the fruit themselves

The link above  provides some basic information to get started, and will lead to a variety of other videos for extra information!


Do some research on your local environment

Find out what our local geology is. What does this mean for us as gardeners? Are there certain types of plant that prefer our soil?

Can you produce an information leaflet on our local bedrock and superficial geology?


Press a flower

This is a lovely way to preserve any flowers that can be used as a decoration, or even given as a gift!  Make sure you avoid the temptation of taking the flower out too early.











A great way we can upskill ourselves for the outdoors/indoors is to practice our knots! 

Below is a fantastic link to follow which provides an animated guide through for you to follow.

Some good knots to practice for our outdoor learning would be:


· Lashing (Square) - great for tying two items together!

· Square knot - for tying two ropes together

· Bowline knot - perfect for starting our shelters AND easy to untie!

· Prusik knot - ideal for hanging tarpaulin onto a rope support.


For tidying the knots away Mr Jackson would really appreciate any children who learn to ‘coil unattached rope’ - this makes his life much easier and MUCH happier!


Why not challenge yourself to make a decorative knot (these can also be found on the website above). Something to decorate your bedroom maybe? Or a keyring? Mr Jackson personally loves the monkey’s fist knot - the perfect keyring! The Cobra Lanyard Knot is also a great one to have a go at!!


Mr Nott and Mr Jackson would love to see what you have been practicing! Record your successes AND your failures. This can be written or a series of pictures or even an illustrated drawing to show what you have been up to. Teach the adults in your home! Please share this with Mr Jackson when you are back, there is a special prize for piece of work which demonstrates the commitment to creating something beautiful! Think: time and effort!