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Year 3

We hope you all have a wonderful summer - remember to read everyday, send us a postcard if you go away and have a fun filled break!

Love from all the adults at school x

Week Beginning Monday 17th July


Monday - Wednesday only


The year 3 team would like to thank the parents and children for such a fantastic year.

We hope you will support us in raising money for the Ugandan RSPCA by purchasing our delicious smoothies and lollies on Monday (3TB & 3GM products) and Tuesday (3KR & 3JB products).


English: We will be reflecting on the year by recording our favourite memories of the year. We will also apply what we've been learnt from our poetry lessons by writing some poems about summer.


Maths: We will finish our topic on statistics, which has included charts, bar graphs and pictograms. 


Reading: We will be reading some funny short stories and comparing them to other stories we've read.

Week Beginning 3rd of July


Literacy: We will write the story of The Tiger and the Zebra, a poem which we are turning into a story. After evaluating it we will move onto our final unit of work: Predator Hybrids.


Maths: We will be looking at adding and subtracting money and related problems. At home, you could challenge your child to find amounts with certain coins, or predict change given from shopkeepers.


Reading:  We will start a brand new book - The Diary of a Killer Cat by Anne Fine. We will make predictions based off the front cover and the blurb. 


Project (Art): We will continue to create our geometric collage pieces. This involves cutting out lots of tiny triangles and thinking about colour tint and shade.

Week Beginning 19th of June


English: In English we will start a unit on poetry by exploring the poem 'Melting Tiger'. We will then go on to write our own poem about a different animal.


Maths: In Maths we will practice adding and subtracting units of measure (weight, length, volume), and apply our knowledge to solve problems involving this skill. 


Reading: We will start a new book, 'The Killer Cat'. We will discuss the beginning of the story and make predictions about what might happen. 


Project: We will start our art project for this half term - a geometric college of a predator. We will begin by practicing our perseverance when we redraft our work to make it better. 

Week Beginning 12th of June


English: We will be writing a story named 'The Mysterious Box' to go into our writing journey books. What will happen when we open the box?


Maths: We will begin a unit of work looking at units of measurements and adding/subtracting them. This will include grams and kilograms, milliliters and liters etc. We will think about how to solve problems involving measure. 


Reading: We will finish The River Singers and discuss our thoughts on the book as a whole. 


Project: We will continue to hunt for the fierce predator that is lurking around Earlswood Junior school. So far we've found claw marks, poo, a blurry photo and some cracked eggs... the mystery continues.

Week Beginning 5th of June 2017


English:  We will be looking at the storybook/non-fiction narrative Tigress by Nick Dowson, which contains many similes used to describe the tigers. After writing our own similes we will write our own dramatic ending to the story using emotive language. 


Maths:  We will learn about 3D shapes, exploring their relationship to 2D shapes and develop our mathematical vocabulary to describe their properties. 


Reading:   We will explore the character of Orris and how he has changed throughout The River Singers novel. 


Project:  We will begin our topic for the half term: Predators! There have been mysterious sightings of an elusive beast around Earlswood Junior school. Can Year 3 get to the bottom of it?

Sports Day

This coming Friday (26th of May) is Sports Day for the junior school. Years 3 & 4 will be taking part in their activities in the morning, followed by a picnic lunch with all parents invited! The timetable for the day will be as follows:


9.30 – 11.50: Years 3 & 4

11.50 – 12.35: Picnic lunch (whole school)

12.35 – 12.45: Registration

12.45 – 2.55: Years 5 & 6


Parents and siblings need to use the toilet in the front office. 


Your child should be able to tell you which station they are starting at so you will know where to find them. If you have any questions please speak to your class teacher. 















English: In English we have been learning all about 4 different important rivers - the Thames, Ganges, Amazon and Nile. Next week we will be producing a leaflet using headings and subheadings to show off our knowledge. 


Maths: In Maths we will be introduced to different types of lines (e.g. parallel / perpendicular). We will then move onto 2D shapes. 


Reading: We will continue reading The River Singers and draw inferences about what is happening from the clues in the text.


Project: We will have another attempt at creating a water wheel out of classroom resources, learning from our previous mistakes. 





Week Beginning 15th May 2017


English - After note taking and planning last week we will produce a beautifully presented leaflet about how to save water. We plan to send these to Bough Beech to show them what we've been up to!


Maths -  We will begin to look at  geometry, starting with lines. 


Reading -  We will continue to spot imaginative language that paints a picture in our heads. We will 'hot-seat' various characters in order to get into their heads and understand them better.


Project We will start to think about how we will build our very own waterwheel. We will need to look at existing designs before planning, creating and evaluating our very own. Stay tuned for pictures!

Week Beginning 8th of May


English: In English we will begin a 3 week unit of looking at non-fiction information writing. We will firstly be looking at creating a leaflet to inform the reader of how to save water and why it is important. Our finished products will be sent to Bough Beech to go on display!


Maths: We will be applying our fraction knowledge from the last few weeks to solve fraction related problems.


Reading: We will continue to unpick The River Singers and explore the imaginative vocabulary the writer has used to allow us to picture the story in our heads.


Project: Using our knowledge from the topic so far, we will be challenged to save a local river from pollution.



Week Beginning 1st May 2017


Maths:  In Maths we will start to explore how to add and subtract fractions. 


English:  In English we will complete our final piece of Wind in the Willows inspired writing. This week we write a suspenseful chapter in which a brand new character must cross a brand new setting. 


Reading: As we get deeper into The River Singers we will meet new characters and learn even more about the adventures of the family of water voles. 


Project:  After a brilliant trip to Bough Beech last week, we will will be looking at the water cycle and how a river is formed. We will also take another trip down to the pond in order to measure it's depth.  





Week Beginning 24th April


Reading: We will continue reading The River Singers. We will explore the thoughts and feelings of characters and make predictions based on the beginning of the book. 


Literacy: We will be changing the Wild Wood chapter of Wind in the Willows to include our own ideas, still focusing on making our writing suspenseful. 


Maths: Continuing our work on fractions, we will be looking at fraction related problems and how to solve them. 


Project: This week we will study the famous artist Monet and attempt to imitate his style of work to create some beautiful water lillies. 


This half term we're looking at plants in Science. Please can you bring in any of these resources you have at home?


  • Clear plastic tubs
  • Glass jars (big and small)
  • Yoghurt pots
  • Plastic trays e.g. food packaging

Week Beginning 17th March


Reading: We will start our brand new class book, Riversingers by Tom Moorhouse. We will meet the family of water voles the book centers around.  


Literacy: We will start a three week unit of week based around the short chapter book, The Otter Who Wanted to Know, by Jill Tomlinson. 


Maths: We will be continuing our work on fractions, now taking a closer look at equivalent fractions and how we can use our knowledge to solve problems.


Project: To begin our new topic, Flow, we will be visiting our river in the woodlands and seeing what we can discover. We will also look at Ordnance Survey maps and learn about grid references. 

Week Beginning 27th March 


English: We will be focusing on spoken language objectives in order to have a debate on Stone Age day: Would you rather live in the Stone Age or now?


Maths: We will be consolidating division and how to solve division problems. 


Reading: We will finish Stig of the Dump and discuss our thoughts, including creating a book review. We will discuss the journeys the characters have gone on. 


Project: To celebrate the end of our Tribal Tales topic, we will be having our dress up day on Thursday, where we will be doing fun Stone Age activities like cooking bread on fire and creating Stonehenge silhouettes. 

Week beginning 20th March


English: For the next two weeks we will preparing for a debate that will take place on our Stone Age day: Would you rather live in The Stone Age or now? This week we will write our speeches, making sure we are backing up our points with evidence. 


Maths: We will be consolidating our knowledge using of formal written methods of multiplication to solve 1 digit x 2 digit calculation problems (e.g. 7 x 44).


Reading: This week we will explore themes of Stig in the Dump - friendship, teamwork, discovery, adventure, time travel, creation.


Project: Now we have learnt about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age we will compare the three and consider where they fit in the larger picture of history.


Please ensure your child has welly boots in school on Thursdays. Thank you!




Week Beginning 13th of March


English: We will be applying all that we've learnt in Year 3 to complete a piece of writing for our Writing Journals, entitled 'The Invisibility Cloak'. We will have the opportunity to create our own character and take them on an adventure!


Maths: During Maths this week we are going to be consolidating some of the previous skills we've learnt, including the column method for addition, subtraction and multiplication. 


Reading: We will see how Clive King builds suspense in Stig of the Dump as Barney and Stig undertake a mission. We are going to practice scanning through text in order to answer a question.


Project: We are now in the Iron Age! We will look at how people developed and started to live in hill forts. We will also look at the Lindow Man, an ancient Iron Age body found preserved in a bog!

We would appreciate Bough Beech return slips back as soon as possible. If you still need one, please see the office. Thanks!

Week Beginning 6th March


Thank you to everyone that visited Chalk Hills bakery on Saturday. The winning team's rolls were delicious!


Reading: This week we will continue to read Stig of the Dump, meeting some new characters. We will think about how the author has used interesting words to make the story exciting to read. 


Maths: We will be exploring how to find fractions of quantities, for example, three-quarters of 44. 


English: This week we will learn all about the ancient Neolithic monument Stonehenge. After taking a virtual 360 degree tour, we will learn to organise information into headings and subheadings before producing an information leaflet.


Project: After spending two weeks in the Stone Age, we will now look at the Bronze Age. What will we learn?

Week Beginning 27th February 2017


Please ensure your child has a pair of trainers in school for outdoor games and a pair of welly boots in school for trips to the woodlands. Thank you.



We will continue to read Stig of the Dump. We will meet several new characters in the book and explore their characters.



We will continue our unit on Fractions, exploring how we can find fractions of quantities (E.g. 3/7ths of 28) in a problem solving context.



After exploring the story of Stone Age Boy this week, we are going to retell the story adding in character and setting descriptions. We will then look at changing the ending of the book.



We have loved learning about the Stone Age! This week, we will explore what life was like for the Stone Age people and even make our own Stone Age jewellery! In science, we will continue to explore light.

Week Beginning 20th February  


Reading: We are now reading the popular classic Stig of the Dump. This week we will start the book, sharing our thoughts and predictions. 


English Our first two weeks will focus on the picture book Stone Age Boy, about children will travel back in time to the Stone Age. We will write our own Stone Age adventure stories!


Maths:  We are now moving onto fractions. We will begin by recapping the concept of a fraction and the part - whole model. We will then progress onto equivalent fractions. 


Project: Year 3 Winning Bread: The Year 3 bread was judged by Rosie, the owner of Chalk Hills Bakery in Reigate yesterday and a winner was chosen. ‘Nutritious Cheese’, the bread designed and created by a group in 3JB was deemed to be the winner! Well done to all the children for working so hard on their plans, product and advertisements! Rosie will be selling the winning Earlswood bread on Saturday 4th March at her shop which is located at 75 Bell Street, Reigate RH2 7AN (Opposite Priory Park, near to Majestic Wines and Richer Sounds). You are welcome to come and buy some of the children’s creation and share in their success from 8.00am to 4.00pm.


Our new topic is 'Tribal Tales' - covering from Stone Age to Iron Age. I wonder what we will learn?



- Outdoor games this half term is tag rugby on the field. Please make sure your child has suitable trainers in school - ones that are fairly water resistant! A change of socks is also recommended. 

- We are back in the woodlands/allotment now, so please bring in a pair of welly boots. 

Winning Team - 3JB - Nutritious Cheese

Still image for this video

Winning class- 3KR- Knotastic!

Still image for this video

Winning Class - 3GM

Still image for this video

Winning Team - 3TB - Jalapeño Delight

Still image for this video

Week Beginning 6th February  


Reading: We will reach the end of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which we really enjoyed. We will discuss and record our thoughts about the themes of the book.


English: After looking at the format, features and language of a formal letter last week, we will now write our own letter to the Parents of Year 3 children inviting them to go to Chalk Hill bakery to taste our delicious bread! We will aim to include excellent persuasive devices in these letters.  


Maths: Now we've learnt about digital and 24 hour time, we will apply this knowledge to solve time related problems, including time intervals and durations. We will even learn how many days are in each month, and how many months in a year! 


Project: To conclude our project work, we will create adverts to advertise our bread. Chalk Hill may pay us another visit to judge our work. We will evaluate how we worked as a team to create our product and celebrate our success! 


Spellings: Some children's spellings this week are words the children have encountered previously in order to recap the spelling rules. 

Week Beginning 30th January 2017



This week we will start to explore the themes of Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. We will also be comparing the book to another Road Dahl book, Matilda.



We will look at formal letter writing and its features. Then, inspired by our project work about fair trade, we will write a persuasive letter arguing for better pay for farmers.



We are moving onto looking at digital time, starting at 12 h and moving onto 24h. We will also explore roman numerals! Please point out clocks etc around the home and challenge your child to tell the time.



We had great fun this week testing out shapes for our bread and have chosen ingredients we want for our bread design. After producing the bread on Thursday a winner from the school will be chosen!



It's now the turn of year 3 to take care of the chickens! Please ensure your child has their welly boots in school when it's their classes' week to handle the chickens. Children cannot visit without their welly boots.

Week Beginning 23rd January


Maths: We are now moving onto looking at time for the next three weeks. We will compare digital and analogue clocks, and learn to tell the time to the nearest minute. Please look at any clocks you have at home and challenge your child to tell the time!


English: After spending time this week looking at adverbs, conjunctions and the possessive apostrophe, we will now rewrite The Stone Soup ourselves, trying to include everything we have learnt.  


Reading: We will further delve into the chocolate factory, particularly focusing on the Oompa Loompa poems. We will even preform some of them. 


Project: We were really lucky this week to have visitors from Chalk Hill bakery, located in Reigate. They showed us how to make bread products and croissants. They have challenged us to come up with a new product they could sell in their store. One group from the year will have the chance to get their idea actually produced in store! 

Week Beginning 16th January


Maths: This week we will learn how to multiply a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number using the column method. We will all start the week by looking at the expanded method: 

2 7 

   4 x

2  8       multiply the units by the single digit

4  0 +   multiply the tens by the single digit

6  8       add together using column addition


We will then be solving multi-step word problems and missing number problems.


English: We will start a brand new story, Stone Soup. After looking at the original version we will improve it (adding in fronted abverbials, conjunctions and possessive apostrophes).


Reading: We will be reading 6 chapters of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We will be spotting adjectives and thinking about why the author has chosen to use them to describe a character. 


Project: Our topic this term is 'Scrumdiddlyumptious'. This week we will be learning about where food comes from. We will learn all about fair trade and track the journey of a banana. We will also host a special visitor from Chalk Farm on Thursday, for our 'wow', who will talk about bread with us.

Week Beginning 9th January


Maths: This week we will learn the grid method of multiplication so we can multiply 2 digit numbers together. We will learn to partition the numbers into tens and units before multiplying every box together. Finally, the numbers are added together to produce the answer. Click here for more information about this method. 


English: After memorising the story of The Magic Porridge Pot with actions, we will go on to write our own tweaked version of the story. Our grammar focus for this piece of writing is speech and paragraphs. 


Reading: We will continue to follow the start of Charlie's journey in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We will meet and then explore the character of Willy Wonka. This week we will focus on fluency and expression, learning how to scan ahead to read the punctuation before reading with expression.  


Project: Our topic this term is 'Scrumdiddlyumptious'. This week we will be working scientifically to find out how we can use food to create interesting creations, such as invisible ink and bouncy eggs! We will also continue our science topic, which is forces. 



Week beginning 12th December


Maths: We will be applying our knowledge of multiplication and division to solve problems. We will think carefully about whether we should do the calculation in our head or whether we need to write it down.


English: We will be writing a play script based on the story of Heracles. We will concentrate on setting our writing out in the style of a play script.


Reading: Now that we have finished reading The Sheep Pig, we will be comparing it to another Dick King Smith book, All Pigs are Beautiful. We will consider how the stories are similar and different, and what this tells us about the kind of person Dick King Smith was.


Project:We will continue to make our Greek pots. We will be looking carefully at how Greek pots 




  • Our Christmas assemblies are on Wednesday 14th December.
    • 3KR and 3GM - 9.00am
    • 3TB and 3JB  - 9.30a

Week beginning 5th December


We had a fantastic afternoon making Christmas crafts. Thank you to everyone who came along to help. It has certainly got us all in the Christmas mood!


Maths: We will be revisiting column subtraction, looking particularly at exchanging e.g.Image result for column subtraction exchanging


English: We will be reading the story of The Magic Pebble. We will look at what we like about this story then use these ideas to create our own story about a magic pebble.


Reading: We will be reading the final 2 chapters of The Sheep Pig. We will be answering questions, giving reasons for our answers. We will also be looking back at the book and considering what we have enjoyed about the story.


Project: We will be making Greek pottery. Mrs Hall will be coming up from the Infants to show us how to make the pots. We will then make our own and decorate them with Greek patterns.

Week beginning 21st November



Maths: We will be learning about length. We will be looking at different units of measure (centimeters and meters) and converting between them e.g. 200cm = 2m.


Reading: We will be using our skimming skills to look through a chapter and find information. We will also be discussing how characters have changed since the beginning of the story.


English: We will be focusing on SPAG skills this week. We will be looking at how to use apostrophes in our writing. We will also be learning about homophones (words that sound the same but are spelt differently e.g. there, their and they're).


Project: We will be learning about Theseus and the Minotaur and immersing ourselves in drama to retell the story.


Week beginning 14th November


We enjoyed a fantastic Greek Day this week. Thank you to all the children for the effort they put into their costumes. They all looked great! We enjoyed lots of activities including an Ancient Greek maths puzzle, learning about Greek weapons and armour and taking part in our very own Olympic Games!


Maths: We will be learning to divide. We will be recapping sharing and how we can use multiplication to help us work out division questions.


English:  We will continue to look at the story of the Trojan Horse. Now that we know the story, we will be creating a newspaper article about the events. We will be including the features of a newspaper such as a headline, introductory sentence and quotes.


Reading: We will be looking at how Dick King-Smith has created tension in the story. We will look at specific language and techniques he has used.


Project: We will be creating our own versions of the Trojan Horse. We will design our own model that could be used to sneak people in to Troy unseen. We will have to consider the size, where people would hide and how it would move.



  • Please can we have any recycling that could be used to help us make our models - cardboard, bottles, bottle tops, newspa

Week beginning 7th November


We have had a great start to our Ancient Greek topic. We have found out where Greece is and have come up with lots of questions that we would like to answer throughout the half term.


Maths: We will continue to look at multiplication. We will be looking at how arrays can be used to represent multiplication e.g. 4 rows of 3 buttons = 12 buttons. 


English: We will be reading the story of the Trojan Horse. We will compare different versions of the story and consider the main events. We will then pretend that we are Trojans and debate whether we should let the horse in or not.


Reading: We will be reading the book The Sheep-pig by Dick King-Smith. We will be comparing the book a section from the film 'Babe' and considering how the story has been changed. We will also be looking at words the author has used to make the story interesting.



  • Tuesday 8th November - Greek Day. Please come in dressed up as an Ancient Greek. If you need inspiration, please see the letter that was sent out last week.


Picture 1

Week Beginning 17th October


This week we had a visit from a Geophysicist. She told us all about what Earth looks like from the inside and how Geophysicists use different machinery and tools to investigate our world. She definitely inspired some of us to be Geophysicists when we're older!


English: We will continue to use 'Flood' to inspire our writing. We will be writing a letter to a friend to tell them about the flood.


Reading: We will be reading the end of 'The Firework Maker's Daughter'. We will consider what we have enjoyed about the book and look at how the characters have changed throughout the story.


Maths: We will be applying our knowledge of column addition and subtraction to a variety of different problems. We will be solving word problems and finding missing numbers from a calculation. We will use our skills to give explanations of how we found our answer.


Project: We have almost come to the end of our Tremors topic. We will be finishing our volcano models and writing fact files about what we have learned.


Week beginning 10th October


Maths: This week we will be focusing on subtraction using column method.



English: We will looking at a new book called Flood. This is a wordless picture book which will require the children to use their imagination and creativity to work out what the story is about. The children will use the pictures to write a diary entry about experiencing a flood, focusing on using the first person and the past tense.


Reading: We will continue to read The Firework Maker Daughter. We will be looking at how the author uses language to create tension.


Project: We will be working in groups to create a 3D model of a volcano.

Week beginning 3rd October


English: We will be combining the knowledge we have gained over the last 2 weeks to write our own story of the pebble's journey. We will be including adjectives, adverbs and will be describing using our senses.


Reading: We will be continuing to read The Firework Maker's Daughter and will be reading larger pieces of text. We will be discussing vocabulary that is unfamiliar.


Maths: We will be continuing to use column method for addition. When we feel confident with this method, we will move on to questions involving regrouping e.g.






Project: We will be creating an emergency evacuation plan. We will be thinking about how to protect a city from a volcano and what supplies we would need.



  • Please make sure your child has wellies and PE kits in school all week. The children can take them home on a Friday if you would like them to.
  • Next week we will be making model volanoes. Please bring in any plastic bottles and newspaper that you have at home.
  • We have now started our phonics sessions for some children at the end of the day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Children who are not doing phonics can be picked up at their usual time from either 3JB or 3TB. Please ask your child's teacher if you are unsure about where to pick them up from.
  • Friday 7th October: We will be having a whole day of science! We are very lucky to have the Science Boffins coming into both schools to do a fun and interactive assembly and then we will be immersing ourselves in different science experiments.
Picture 1

Week beginning 26th September


Literacy: We will continue to think about the journey a pebble goes on. We will be thinking about the places it may go and will describe these places using descriptive language. We will also think about how we would feel if we were a pebble going on an adventure around the world!


Reading: We will begin to read our new book, The Firework Maker's Daughter. We will meet the characters and think about what they may be like. We will make predictions about what we think will happen in the story.


Maths: We will be learning column method for addition. The children will need to make sure they begin adding from the right (units column). 

e.g. 56             47

    +13          +36



Topic: Now that we have finished reading out story about Pompeii, we will be looking into the history of what happened in Pompeii. We will be investigating how it happened and what happened when the city was rediscovered hundreds of years later.


Week beginning 19th September


Literacy: We will be looking at the book 'The Pebble in my Pocket'. We will focus on identifying adjectives and other words that the author has used to make the story interesting. We will also be sequencing events from the story.


Reading: We will continue to read 'Escape from Pompeii', focusing on comprehension and understanding the actions of the characters.


Maths: We will be looking at addition and subtraction of 2 and 3 digit numbers. We will try to answer these questions using mental methods such as using a numberline or counting on/back in our head.


Project: We will be carrying out some science investigations to learn more about fossils and the types of rocks that are found near volcanoes.



  • Homework has been set this week. Homework is set on a Friday and must be completed by the following Thursday. Each week children are expected to read 5 times, practice their spellings and complete their Mathletics. Spelling books have 2 spaces for practising but we encourage the children to practise more than this. Feel free to use other paper if you have filled the columns in the book. Mathletics passwords have been stuck in the front of the reading records.

Week beginning 12.9.16


Welcome to Year 3! We have had a great first week and have jumped straight in to our topic of Tremors. Did you know there was an earthquake in Year 3 this week?!


Literacy: We will be looking at poetry. We will look at different shape poems, then create our own shape poems about a natural disaster.


Reading: Our text is Escape to Pompeii. We will be answering questions about the text and be giving reasons for our answers, using evidence from the text.


Maths: We will be looking at place value (Hundreds, Tens and Units). We will be comparing the size of numbers and using these skills to order numbers.


Project: We will be learning about where natural disasters occur and why. We will also be looking at what causes each natural disaster.



  • PE kit needs to be in school at all times. Children do not come into school in their PE kit.
  • Reading books - everybody will change their book each Monday. Children will have an additional opportunity to change their book on a Thursday if they finish their book early and would like a new one for the weekend.
  • Please make sure your child has wellington boots in school for when we go down to the woodlands.
  • Please make sure your child has a water bottle in school every day.
  • Children may bring a piece of fruit or some vegetables to eat at break time.
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