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Year 4

Science Workshop - 18.05.17


We had the most exciting day full of science experiments! We carried out our own acid/alkaline tests on different liquids by adding universal indicator to them and seeing which colour they turned. We also watched how some chemical reactions can cause liquids to fizz and bubble; sometimes even explode! Finally, we made our own slime from glue and even got to take it home.

Science Workshop




Year 4 have been using our woodlands area to investigate the different habitats of animals in our surroundings. We discussed which animals would be around at this time of year and why, and then used magnifying glasses to research where they live and hunt. It was interesting to find so many different types of animals that share the same habitat and, from this, we learnt that these creatures are actually important for our survival too!

Viscosity Investigation



As part of our new topic, Potions, we have been learning all about the three states of matter. We have discussed the differences between their particles and have found things in our environment that are solids, liquids and gases. We then planned and carried out an investigation to find out about the viscosity of different liquids. We predicted which liquids were more likely to flow quicker and suggested reasons for this. Then, we put our theories to the test! We timed how long it took each liquid to travel down a ramp, which then helped us compare the thickness of these liquids.


History Assembly

During our history assembly we showed what we have been doing in year 4 for our topic, Road Trip USA, this half term. The children discussed all the exciting things we have been doing such as the creation of our postcards from different states. Additionally, we told the whole school about what we had found out about the Iroquois tribe, including how they live and what they eat. We also showed off our dream catchers we have been making over the course of this week. 


A Day in the Life of the Iroquois Tribe



Today, during our woodlands session, we got an insight to what life was really like for people who belonged to the Iroquois tribe. We created our own version of long houses as well as creating our fires to simulate social time the tribe undertakes. Around the fire, we told old Native America stories and myths.




This week in woodlands we have been creating our own woodlands art using resources we could find down on the field. The children really enjoyed creating this and came up with some super stuff!



In project and computing, we have been learning about animations and how they work. Using an app called ZU3D, we were able to create our own short animations using Lego and various materials in the classroom.



On RE day we learnt all about the religion of 'Islam'. We looked at some beautiful patterns on prayer mats and then we even had a go at designing and creating our own prayer mats applying our own patterns.
As part of our 'Blue Abyss' topic, we visited 'The Sea Life' in Brighton. We had a fantastic day learning all about various sea creatures where we looked specifically at sting rays and sea turtles.

School trip

In class, we created our own model which represented the water cycle; displaying how water evaporates, collects in the clouds and precipitates. Beforehand, we predicted what would happen during the investigation and then collected the results afterwards to see if our predictions were correct.
To begin our 'Misty Mountain Seirra' topic, we went on a fantastic trip to Bough Beech to learn all about the water cycle. We saw how the water changes through the different stages of the treatment process and even got to go underneath the reservoir! We then discussed how much water, on average, a person uses every day and came up with some great ideas about how we can save water so that our environment improves. We are going to try these things out at home so please encourage us!
In Year 4, we have been learning all about our digestive system for our 'Burps, Bottoms and Bile' topic. We have researched each organ in the digestive system to find out their different functions and how they help in the digestion of food and drink. We then created digestive systems on aprons, showing all of the information we have learned. We have enjoyed this topic so much and have learned such a lot about our bodies. 

Digestive Systems

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