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Year 4

Week beginning 6th July 


SPAGWe will be researching and gathering information on different sea life creatures. This information will then be organised in to paragraphs to create our very own non-chronological reports. 


Reading: We will be looking at our favourite books and sharing these with our friends by creating powerpoint presentations. 


Maths: We will be using the skills we have gained over the past year to solve mathematical investigations involving logic and reasoning. 

Week beginning 29th June


Date for your diary:

Tuesday 30th June is class swap day. Children will spend the whole day in their new classes. You are welcome to come in and see your child's new teacher between 3.30 and 4.30.


SPAGWe will be using the SPAG skills we have learned throughout the year to write a non-chronological report about sea creatures.


Reading: We will be looking at a non-fiction text about oceans and seas. We will be skimming and scanning to find the relevant information and inferring answers based on information in the text.


Maths: We will be revisiting data handling. We will be answering questions based on information presented in bar charts and line graphs. We will also be creating our own graphs based on information given to us.



Week beginning 15th June


Dates for your diary:

Monday 15th June - Class photos. Please make sure your child has their school jumper/cardigan with them.

Wednesday 17th June - Ramadan Day. Muslim children are invited to come dressed in traditional clothes on this day.

Friday 19th June - Sports day. Parents/carers and family members are invited to come along to watch. Don't forget your picnic!


SPAG: We will be learning how to write a good ending to our pirate story. We will be combining the skills we have learned throughout the year to write an interesting ending that will engage the reader.


Reading: We will be reading different myths and legends and retelling some of these stories in our own words.


Maths: We will be learning about co-ordinates. We will be learning to read and plot co-ordinates on a grid.We will also be learning how to reflect an image from one part of a grid to another. Click here to see how it's done.

Week beginning 8.6.15


Bough Beech

Tuesday 9th June - 4A and half of 4G

Friday 12th June - 4B and half of 4G

4G parents - please see your child's contact book to confirm which day they are going.

All children need to wear school uniform and school shoes. Your child will need to bring a water bottle, a healthy snack and a packed lunch in a carrier bag or backpack.  All children will need a spare pair of wellington boots or trainers for visiting the reservoir. Please ensure your child is prepared for all weather conditions and has a coat with them.


SPAG: Our focus will be speech. We will be recapping punctuating speech then applying this to our story writing in order to develop a conversation between two characters.


Maths: We will be looking at decimals. We will be linking our knowledge of decimals to length, weight and capacity.


Reading: We will be continuing to use 'A Pirate's Guide to Landlubbing' and comparing to another pirate book. We will also be looking at the language used in the books.

Week beginning 1st June


What a busy half term it's been! We hope you all have a relaxing half term ready for our Under the Sea topic.


Friday 5th June is Pirate Day. Please come dressed as a pirate, ready to walk the plank!


SPAG: We will be creating pirate character descriptions using adventurous language. 


Maths: We will be reading 'A Pirate's Guide to Being a Landlubber'. We will be using this book to develop a range of reading skills including comprehension, comparison and language analysis.


Reading: We will be revisiting addition and subtraction. We will be recapping written methods and solving problems using our addition and subtraction skills.

14th May 2015


Maths: Next week, we will be looking at capacity. We will be comparing different capacities and estimating the amount of liquid in a container. We will also be using our rounding skills to round amounts to the nearest millilitre and litre. 


Reading: We will be looking at poetry. We will be starting the week by looking at famous poets performing poetry. We will then perform our own poems focusing on using the volume and tone of our voice to engage the audience. 


SPAG: We will be focusing on spelling. We will be looking at different spelling patterns and letter strings in order to help us spell common spellings. 


Reminder: Next week, the children's Roman work will be on display in the school hall from 3:30 - 4:00. 



MathsWe will be revisiting fractions. We will be looking at equivalent fractions and learning how to simplify a fraction e.g. 3/6 = 1/2. We will also be adding and subtracting fractions.


SPAGWe will be developing our proof reading skills. We will be looking through texts to spot spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes and thinking of ways to improve our writing.


ReadingOur text will be 'Voices in the Park' by Anthony Browne. We will be looking at the different perspectives of the characters in the story and will be using this to create our own play script.



We have had a fantastic week writing about our favourite parts of last week!


SPAG: We will be punctuating speech and looking at direct and reported speech. Direct speech is when you write the exact words that someone says. It is shown by using speech marks. Reported speech is when you report what someone says without using the exact words spoken.


Reading: We will continue to be using inference. We will be looking carefully at the text to find clues about characters and actions.


Maths: Our focus is shape. We will be looking at properties of triangles and quadrilaterals and using this to classify them.


Dates for your diary:

Thursday 21st May - Roman exhibition 3.30 - 4.00. The children's Roman work from this half term will be on display and you will also be able to see photos from the residential.

Tuesday 9th and Friday 12th June - Bough Beech. Please see the letter in your child's bag.





Year 4 residential


Day 1


We arrived at Ufton Court just in time for lunch after a slightly longer than expected coach journey! After lunch, we made a trebuchet and used them to catapult water balloons. We then made our own spears from twigs and went hunting in the forest.


Our rooms are brilliant and the food is lovely. We're just about to begin our evening  activity then we'll be ready for an early night!!!!


Day 2


We've had a fantastic day! We started with a Roman invasion. We pretended to be Celts and Romans and acted out Boudica's revolt. We then split into groups and did roman games and investigated the Roman herb garden. We also did an archaeological dig and found some Roman pottery!


We have just put on our costumes for our banquet and are ready for a feast!


Day 3


Our first job today was stripping our beds and packing our bags! Our activities this morning were Roman playsplays, telling jokes and telling our fortune. We hen had lunch and loaded the coach. We're sad that we're leaving but we've all had a brilliant time! 


We are on schedule to be back at school for normal pick up time. If there are any delays along the way, we will update the website.

17th April


Next week is our residential! We are all very excited about the activities planned. Please check your emails for a reminder of the final details. Please bring children to the old Year 3 block from 8.00 am. We will be leaving promptly at 9.00 am.


Due to our trip, there will be no homework next week. The next spelling quiz will be 30th April and new spellings will go out on 1st May.


SPAG: we will be looking at the difference between statements, commands, exclamations and questions.

Statement - tells you something

Question - asks something

Command - tells someone to do something

Exclamation - shows strong feelings


Reading: we will be learning about idioms. An idiom is a word of phrase which means something different from its literal meaning e.g. it's raining cats and dogs.


Maths: we will learning about Roman numerals and using them to solve simple calculations.

27th March


Next half term our topic is Romans. We will be learning about the impact the Romans had on Britain, significant figures in the Roman Empire and what it was like to live during the Roman period.


SPAG: we will be recapping fronted adverbials, adjectives and adverbs and using these in our own descriptive writing. 


Reading: will be reading 'The Tunnel' by Anthony Browne. We will be making predictions and inferring the characters' feelings. We will be using the text to support our views and opinions.


Maths: we will be looking at addition and subtraction in the context of money. We will be using these skills to solve word problems.


We hope you all have a lovely Easter. We are back at school on Tuesday 14th April.

12th March 


Maths: We will be looking at area and perimeter. Area is the how many cubic units a surface contains and perimeter the length of the outside of a shape. We will be looking at how we can work out the area and perimeter of different shapes. 


SPAG: we are learning how to punctuate speech correctly, for example "Have a lovely weekend." Announced the teacher. We will also look at using fronted adverbials in our writing, for example - At the stroke of midnight, the lights went out. 


Reading: we will be focusing on developing comprehension skills to answer questions in more depth and use texts to support our answers. 


We would like the children to continue to practise our assembly songs. Please see the links below. 


5th March 2015


SPAG: Next week we will be looking at prefixes and suffixes.

A prefix is a string of letters that can be added to the beginning of a root word to change the meaning.

e.g. Unbelievable (Un - prefix)

Have a go at this prefix game.


A Suffix is a string of letters that can be added to the end of a root word to change the meaning.

e.g. Helpless (less - suffix)

Have a go at this suffix game.


Maths: We will be looking at hundredths. The children will look at how we can write a hundredth as a decimals (0.01) and a fraction (1/100). We will then look at ordering these numbers.


Hundredths games -


Reading: Next week we will be looking at play scripts. We will begin by looking at how play scripts are written. We will then read and act out some plays.



This half term we are playing rugby. The children can wear a different jumper for PE if they wish as we will be getting muddy.


Please practise our spring assembly songs:

Imagine that

Such a colourful world

It's a hard knock life (click the link below to download our version of the words!)




26th February


SPAG: we will be learning about apostrophes.

Apostrophe for omission - used when a letter is omitted from a word e.g. don't, haven't

Apostrophe for possession - used to show who owns something.


Maths: we will be learning about graphs. We will be interpreting and drawing bar graphs, line graphs and pictograms.


Reading: next week is book week. Our author is Michael Morpurgo. We will be reading different stories then creating our own book reviews.


Don't forget to send in your child's entry for the unusual shelfie selfie competition by Thursday 5th March and any old books you want to donate to the book swap.


Book Week


Monday 2nd March- Friday 6th March


Dates for your diary:

23.2.15 – Bring books into school for Book Swap Shop.

2.2.15-5.3.15 – Bring Book Shelfie Selfie photographs into school.

11.3.15-16.3.15 – Book Fair


Book Swap Shop

Bought a book and finished it? Don't know what to do with it? If you've read it, swap it!

To help us share good books at Earlswood, we will be setting up a ‘Book Swap Shop’ during Book Week. If you have a book at home that you have enjoyed and would like to swap with another good book, please bring it into school week beginning 23rd February. Please ensure the books you donate are in a good condition so that they can be enjoyed again.


‘Book Shelfie Selfie’ Competition!

Have you ever had a weird look when reading a book? No? Then what you need is a crazy place to read! To help us celebrate reading during Book Week, we are inviting all children and staff to enter our competition ‘Book Shelfie Selfie!’ We would like everyone to get involved and have some fun by taking a picture of themselves reading in an unusual place! On Friday 6th March, World Book Day, the entries will be judged by Mrs Tidy, and prizes will be awarded to children and staff with the most unusual photograph! Please bring your photographs into school between Monday 2nd March and Thursday 5th March.


Book Fair

‘Travelling Books’ will be returning to the Federation on Wednesday 11th March. The Book Fair was a huge success in October and we raised hundreds of pounds worth of book vouchers for the school. There will be a large selection of books suitable for children aged 4-11 years old, at great prices, so please come and have a look at the Junior School on 11th, 12th, 13thand 16th March before and after school. Your child will receive a book token during Book Week that can be used at the book fair or taken to your local bookseller and can be exchanged for one of ten books.


We are really looking forward to Book Week and we can’t wait to see your photographs! If you have any questions, please just speak to your class teacher.

13th February


What a fantastic half term we have had in Year 4! All the children have really been inspired by our Egyptian topic and have learned a lot about the Egyptians. Thank you to all the parents for the effort you put in to costumes for Egyptian day.


Next half term our topic is 'Around the World'. This will be a Geography and Science based topic where we will be comparing England, Brazil and China. We will be looking at the differences in climate, environments and the wildlife in these 3 countries.


SPAG: we will be learning about paragraphs and how to work out when to start a new paragraph. When you are reading with your child you could ask them why they think the author chose to start a new paragraph.


Reading: we will be reading Mama Panya's Pancakes: A Village tale from Kenya. We will be combining the different skills we have used in reading so far in the context of a whole story.


Maths: our topic will be multiplication. We will be multiplying by 100 then moving on to grid method and expanded method. Click here to find out about grid method.


Have a good half term. We are back at school on Tuesday 24th February.

6th February


Don't forget Egyptian day on Monday! Look below for costume ideas. This week we have started to plan our Egyptian stories. We are all looking forward to reading the children's stories next week. 


Next week is assessment week, where the children will be completing a paper for each subject area (reading, SPAG, spelling, maths and mental maths).


Reading: We will be discussions how to tell the difference between a fact and an opinion.


SPAG: We will be learning how to use use different types of punctuation correctly in sentences. Have a go at this punctuation game.


Maths: We will be recapping written methods for addition and subtraction.

Click here for a recap on the method for written addition.

Click here for a recap on the method for written subtraction.





Well done to all the Year 4 children who received Star of the Week!


















Well done to the following children for showing excellent table manners this week!








Egyptian day - Monday 9th February


As part of our Egyptian topic, we will be having an Egyptian day on Monday 9th February. We would like children to come dressed up in something related to the Egyptians. Here are some ideas to inspire you!


A mummy Howard Carter


An archaeologist/explorer Egyptian God  



29th January 2015


We have had a very interesting week looking at the amazing River Nile. We have investigated the different uses of the River Nile and used this information to make very informative booklets. Did you know that the Ancient Egyptians would not have been able to survive without the River Nile?


SPAG - we will be looking at apostrophes for possession - e.g. Lucy's bag. The apostrophe is used as the bag belongs to Lucy. 

We will also look at apostrophes for contractions e.g. She will = She'll. 


Reading - next week we will be looking at the language and vocabulary that authors use. We will think about what an author is trying to tell us and interpret phrases to fully understand their meaning. 


Maths - We will be converting between units of measure using fractions. 

1 Kilometre = 1000 metres. 1/10 Kilometre = 100 metres. 

We will then use this knowledge to solve real life problems based on measure and distance. 

22nd January


We have had a very busy week in Year 4 learning about mummification during Egyptians times. Mrs Chandler then came in to show us mummification in action by mummifying a fish. We'll be keeping an eye on our fish over the next few weeks to see if we have been successful! We have also been making canopic jars which the Egyptians used to store organs.


Don't forget Egyptian day on Monday 9th February. See the pictures below for costume ideas or come in and speak to a member of the Year 4 team.


SPAG: we will be increasing the complexity of our sentences using conjunctions and subordinate clauses.

Conjunctions are used to join two sentences together e.g. I think Tutankhamun's tomb should have been opened because we have learned lots about the Egyptians.

Subordinate clauses is something that you add onto a sentence to provide more information e.g. The children, who had been working really hard, went outside to play.


Reading: we will be using a range of texts to learn about characterisation. We will be thinking about how the authors portray different characters and what this tells us about the character's thoughts, feelings and motives for actions.


Maths: we are learning about fractions. We will be counting in hundredths and tenths and working out fractions of amounts e.g. 1/10 of 30, 1/100 of 700, 3/100 of 400


15th January 2015


This week we have been having a lot of fun looking at the Tomb of an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, Tutankhamen. We have gathered lots of information to decide whether or not we think Howard Carter should have opened his tomb in 1922. 


SPAG: Next week we will be looking at pronouns.

Pronouns are used instead of nouns to avoid repetition when we write.

We will be focusing on two types of pronouns.

Possessive pronouns - tell you who owns the think you are talking about or who is involved in the process or action e.g. Lucy was using her phone. It was hers.

Personal pronouns - Refer to people or objects that are already known. e.g. Mr Smith saw Lucy using a phone; thinking she was a student, he tried to confiscate it.


Useful links to help with pronouns:


Maths: Next week we will be looking at multiplication. We will be multiplying by 25, 100 and 1000 and using this to work out multiplication questions using both mental and written methods.


Reading: We will be predicting what is going to happen using clues from the book. We will be looking at the information on the front cover and the blurb. We will then be using clues in what the author has written to work out what will happen next.


8th January 2015


We hope you all had a lovely break and you are ready for the new year. 


SPAG: next week we will begin the week by looking at the past and present tense. 
Past tense - when something has already happened 
Present tense- something that is happening now. 


We will then look at the progressive forms of these tenses. 

The progressive past is  used if an action was actually in progress at a certain moment in the past.  "I was reading when my brother came in."

The progressive present is used only if an action is actually in progress at the 
time. I am reading right now. 


Useful videos to help with remembering grammatical terms: 


Reading: we will be looking at the skills of skimming and scaninng. These are techniques to help us to find information in text quickly. 


Maths: We will be looking at right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles.

Right angles - a 90º angle

Acute angles - angles smaller than a right angle

Obtuse angles - angles larger than a right angle but smaller than 2 right angles (180º)


18th December 2014


We have come to the end of another fantastic half term. The children have all worked incredibly hard this term designing and making their electrical toys and games. They all look fantastic; the hard work definitely paid off! Well done!!


The children will still be given spellings and Mathletics to complete over the holidays. We would also like the children to keep practicing their times tables! 


Below is some links to games to help with general maths and SPAG skills:


The year 4 team wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year. 

11th December 2014 


Maths: We will be looking back at all the mathematical skills that we have learnt this term. We will use these skills to solve Christmas based problems. 


SPAG: We will be looking at how to spell and use different homophones correctly. 

Homophone: Two or more words having the same pronunciation but different meanings e.g. there/their/they're. 


Useful Links:

Homophone games: 



                                                          4th December 2014
SPAG: We will be starting the week by looking at nouns.

Concrete nouns identify things which can be physically seen or touched.

Proper nouns identify a specific person, place or organisation. They begin with a capital letter.

Abstract nouns are things you cannot see or touch (e.g. bravery, joy). 

Common nouns are all nouns that are not proper nouns. They do not need a capital letter, unless it is at the start of a sentence.


We will then start to identify and use the correct determiner

Determiners are used with nouns to clarify the noun. 

The girl in the red hat.
That is my dog. 
There are four people in the room.


Maths: we will be looking at place value to deepen our understanding of number. 


Helpful links:


Nouns -


Place value -


27th November 2014


SPAG: next week we will be looking at time connectives. Time connective are words or phrases which are used to tell a reader when something is happening. 


For example:

This morning, I ate a banana for breakfast. 

Other time connectives include:

first, last, next, then, finally, eventually, this evening, last week, after a while, soon afterwards, meanwhile.


Maths: we are going to be looking at time. We will be looking at how to tell the time on an analogue clock as well as a digital clock. We will then look at converting between units of time e.g 1 min = 60 secs. 



All children need their PE kit in school at all times with a separate plain white polo shirt which is used just for PE lessons. 

21st November 2014


This week we have been designing our own electrical toys or games. We have been thinking about the different materials that we can use and how to put together our circuits. 


SPAG: we will be looking at direct speech and how we can punctuate it properly.


Maths: we will be looking at multiplication and how to multiply larger numbers using written methods. We will be using the grid method and the expanded method. 


14th November 2014


This week we have been busy in the woodlands developing our team building skills. This will be ongoing throughout the year therefore all children need wellies in school at all times. 


SPAG: next week we will be looking at the structure of sentences. 


Maths: we will be looking at our times tables and how we can use these to find out multiples and factors of other numbers. 
Factors- numbers you can multiply together to get another number. 
Multiple- the result of multiplying a number by another number (whole number).



As the weather is getting colder and wetter, please ensure your child has a coat in school everyday. 

Museum of Childhood

6th November 2014


On Monday we launched into our topic of ‘Toys and Games’ by participating in a toy workshop. The children looked at how to make an electrical toy and had fun making their own moving bug! We also visited the Museum of Childhood, where the children were able to see how toys have changed over time. It has been a very busy week however; the children are ready to start investigating how to make their own electrical toy.   



SPAG: we will be looking at the suffix ‘shun’. This can be spelt -tion, -sion, -ssion, -cian.


Maths: we will be looking at mass and how we can convert grams to kilograms. We will use and apply our knowledge of rounding decimals by rounding different masses to the nearest kilogram.

Winner - Most profit

Still image for this video
4A Blue table

Winner - Most sales

Still image for this video
4G Purple Table

Winner - best advert

Still image for this video
4B - Purple table

23rd October


We have come to the end of our Young Apprentice topic. It has been a brilliant learning experience for all the children and it is clear that they have all thoroughly enjoyed it. They have been able to apply their skills and knowledge to a real life situation and have seen what they can produce through hard work and determination.


Next week is half term. Our project when we return is Toys and Games. We will be starting with a visit from a Toy Maker where the children will each make a mechanical toy.


On Wednesday 5th November we will be visiting the Museum of Childhood in London. Please make sure your child is in school by 8.55am. All children need a packed lunch, coat and backpack. Please speak to the school office if your child is eligible for Free School Meals.


Have a lovely half term. See you on Monday 3rd November.

16th October


We are getting towards the end of our project! We remade our product this week with our improved recipes and have been working hard to prepare for our pitch. This time next week we will have a winner!


Well done to all the children on a brilliant Harvest Assembly. They sang the songs beautifully and said their poems with enthusiasm. Thank you to everyone who came along to watch and for the harvest donations. These have been passed on to the Salvation Army.


SPAG: we will be looking at suffixes. These are groups of letters that are added to the end of a word that change the meaning. e.g. fast - fastest, hope - hopeful


Maths: we will be looking at written methods of addition. We use the column addition method. Click here to see an example of how this is taught.  Click here if you would like to practise at home.



We do PE every Monday and Thursday. Please make sure your child has appropriate PE kit for the weather and trainers for PE outside.


We are using our woodlands area regularly. Please ensure your child has wellies and a waterproof coat in school at all times. We will be going out whatever the weather!

13th October


This week we have been cooking our dishes for our project based learning. All the children got fully involved and enjoyed the experience. Please see the pictures below!


Next week we will perfect our delicious dishes to make our final products!


SPAG: we will be focusing on spellings next week, specifically looking at prefixes. Prefixes are a group of letters which can be added to the beginning of a word to change its meaning. For example balanced - unbalncanced.


Maths: we will be looking at shape, position and direction. For example translating shapes from one position to another as well as finding the coordinates of different shapes on a grid.



  • Tuesday 14th October - please send your child in with a named plastic container to take their dish home in.
  • Thursday 16th October - you are warmly invited to the Year 4 harvest assembly at 10.15 in the Junior Hall.

6th October


We have had another busy and productive week getting our recipes and shopping lists ready to make our products. We have looked into the nutritional values of our recipes as well as the cost.  


SPAG: we will be putting into practice all of the grammar skills that we have been learning over the last few weeks, by writing short passages and stories.


Maths: we will be looking at equivalent fractions and how to find fractions of amounts e.g. What is ½ of 8?  

Equivalent fraction: fractions which have the same value, even though they may look different e.g. 1/2 and 2/4 are equivalent, because they are both "half".


Book Fair
‘Travelling Books’ are returning to the Infant School on Wednesday 8th October. The Book Fair was a huge success last year and we raised over £500 worth of book vouchers for the school. There will be a large selection of books suitable for children aged 4-11 years old, at great prices, so please come and have a look on 8th, 9th and 10th October before and after school.

29th September


We've had a fantastic week starting to research our projects. We have collected data and analysed our results. We are now ready to create our recipes! See our photos below!


SPAG: we will continue to focus on grammar this week.
Subject-verb agreement e.g. Correct - The dog was running. Incorrect - the dog was run.
Fronted adverbials e.g. Quickly, the dog ran away.


Maths: we will be focusing on the 6 and 9 times tables and thinking about different ways to remember our tables. We will then be linking these to the inverse operation (division). You can help your child by practising times tables with them at home.

Help wanted!


We are currently in the process of organising trips for the upcoming year. For one of our trips we need 15 adults! Please let your child's class teacher know if you would be interested in accompanying us and your availability.


Full details for all our trips this year will be sent out to you once they have been finalised.

18th September


We have fully immersed ourselves in our project based learning this week. We have been learning about healthy foods and digestion ready to create a healthy meal. We have also been practising our persuasion skills so that we will be able to sell products which we produce.


Week beginning 22nd September:

SPAG - we will be focusing on grammar. We will be identifying nouns, adjectives and verbs in sentences and using this knowledge to create more interesting and complex sentences.


Maths - we will be looking at symmetry in 2D shapes and learning how to reflect a pattern. There is a lot of symmetry in the world around us that the children can explore at home.


Your child will have received their homework this week. This needs to be completed by Thursday ready for the spelling quiz. 


Clubs start on Monday from 3.30 - 4.25

10th September


We have had a fantastic first week back in Year 4. We have spent time getting to know our new classes and building our team work skills.


Week beginning 15th September:

Spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG) - we will be focusing on punctuation - full stops, commas, exclamation marks, question marks, speech marks and apostrophes. The children will be learning to identify each of these features in texts and to use them correctly in their own writing.


Maths - we will be recapping the skills of addition and subtraction. We will then be using these skills to solve one and two step word problems e.g. there are 120 children in Year 3 and 90 children in Year 4 - how many children are there altogether? You can practise these skills with your child at home when carrying out every day tasks.


Our first topic is 'Young Apprentice'. We are going to be designing and making our own food products and creating adverts in order to convince people to buy our food. If you are willing to come in and help on a Tuesday when we are cooking our food, please talk to your child's class teacher.

Welcome to Year 4!


We hope you had a fantastic summer and are ready for all the exciting things that will be happening this year!


On this page we will be giving you and your parents/carers a weekly update of what we have been doing and what we will be doing in the coming week. We hope that by doing this it will give your parents/carers a clear idea of what you are doing at school.


PE will be on Mondays and Thursdays this year. Please make sure you have your full PE kit in school on these days as it will vary whether we are inside or outside.


Please remember that we have an open door policy - come and speak to us at any time.


Have you visited the Kids’ Zone yet? Play games and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!

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