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Year 5

Year 5- 09/07/2015


This week the children have carried out exciting investigations in maths, learnt about tornadoes in PBL and danced along to a live jazz band!


Next week is the last full week of school for the year! We cannot believe how quickly it has gone and what a fantastic year it has been. 


Dates for your diary-

Popcorn sale

Thursday 16th July- 3pm


Year 5 Assembly

Friday 17th July- 9 am




Have a good weekend,

The Year 5 Team





French Lessons



Game 1


Game 2

Year 5- 02/07/15


Hello Year 5,


It has been a hot and sunny week this week! We had an exciting day at the Warwick where the children made origami stars, voltage from fruit and no sew cushions. We have some budding designers and engineers in Year 5 :)


Next week we will be learning:

SPAG- commas and apostrophes

Maths- investigations using their skills they have learnt throughout the year

Reading- reading for meaning


Dates for the diary-

Friday 10th of July is Asala day- this children will learn all about the Buddhist festival


Year 5- 25/06/15


Hello Year 5! We are thoroughly enjoying our 'Extreme Earth' topic and have studied Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis. We looked at a school in Japan and what they do when the Earthquake alarm is raised. The children all got under their desks and waited for the alarm to stop (photos on the Year 5 page). 

The children have completed two experiments this week, looking at how clouds are formed! They made a cloud in a bottle and they were amazed at what they had created.



Next week will be assessment week. The children will be assessed in maths, SPAG and reading.




Monday 29th June-Warwick School trip.

Tuesday 30th June- Class swap day.


We hope you all have a lovely week,


The Year 5 Team

Year 5- 10/6/15


Hello Year 5!

This week we have been looking at how volcanoes erupt and what they look like from the inside! A very fascinating and interesting week. The children have enjoyed finding out about different types of volcanoes and how they come in different shapes and sizes.


Carrying on with our 'Extreme Earth' topic, we will be looking at Tsunamis and the devastating effect they have on our Earth. The children will be writing diaries and news reports linked to this.


Next week:

SPAG- we will be looking at main, subordinate and relative clauses

Maths- nets of shapes




  • Ramadan day is Wednesday 17th June
  • Sports day is Friday 19th June



Have a good week!

Year 5 Team

Dear Year 5!


We have had a great start to our last half term! We had a volunteer from the RNLI come into school Monday to discuss water safety with the children. We also had a successful trip to the Natural History Museum yesterday. The children were all very excited today and were able to discuss lots of facts that they found out while at the museum. 


Next week:


Maths - We will be looking at data collection and how this can be represented using graphs. Later in the week the children will then be reading information from graphs and analysing them.


Reading - We will be working through a range of comprehension questions based on  variety of texts including: fiction, non-fiction and poetry. 




  • Sports day will be held on Friday 19th June this year


We hope you have a good week!


The Year 5 Team

We currently need around 6 parents to come to the Natural History Museum on the Year 5 trip. You would be needed to be at school at 8,45am – finishing at 4pm. If you are free and interested then please speak to Mr Skelton – (or email at

We would love to take lots of parents, but places are limited so please speak to Mr Skelton by Monday 1st June and we will let you know if you are needed as soon as possible.


Thank you in advance for your support.


The Year 5 Team


21/05/2015-Year 5


We cannot believe how quickly this half term has gone! The children have really enjoyed learning all about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and we have finished off the term by creating our own Earlswood tapestry and Viking long boats! There will be lots of picture on the Year 5 photo album so please have a look.


After half term our topic will be 'Extreme Earth'. We will be looking at our Earth and natural disasters that can occur such as Hurricanes, Storms and Tornadoes. Please have a look at the links below over half term to help prepare you for the topic.



We hope you have a lovely half term and we will see you back on Monday 1st June.


The Year 5 Team



Dear Year 5,


We are coming towards the end of our Anglo-Saxon and Viking topic. We have learnt so much this week including The Battle of Stamford Bridge, The Battle of Hastings and the Bayeux Tapestry. The children have even begun to make their own 'Earlswood Tapestry' where the children show their memories from Reception to Year 5.


Next week:


SPAG - Apostrophes for contraction (e.g. do not = don't) and apostrophes for possession (e.g. Helen's bag).


Reading - How an author uses punctuation and language to convey expression in speech. For example, when the children read aloud they must read ahead so they are aware who is speaking and how they are speaking in order to convey the correct expression to the audience. 


Maths - Division - the children will be revising the short method of division with some children extending onto long division. All children will then be applying these methods when solving word problems.




  • Please could all children bring in a big cardboard box (such as a cereal box) and a smaller box (such as a tea bag box) by Monday if they have not done so already. The children will need these to make their longboats next week.


  • Next week is the last week of school before half term. The children will be returning to school on Monday 1st June.


Have a good week.


The Year 5 Team :)

Year 5- 7/5/15


Wow, what a fantastic day the children had on Wednesday! Thank you for the effort put into the costumes, the children all looked like vicious Vikings! We got to make Anglo-Saxon broth which tasted rather delicious, much to the children's surprise! The children then designed a snake brooch and made a traditional Viking shield. It was all topped off by the children writing their names in Runes (the Anglo-Saxon and Viking alphabet). Please look at the Year 5 photo album to see photos from the day!


Next week is assessment week; the children will have two maths papers, a writing, reading and a SPAG paper to complete. 


We will be making Viking longboats soon. Please could you start collecting cereal boxes and small cardboard boxes (e.g. tea bag box) ready for the week beginning 18th May. Thank you.


Have a lovely weekend. 

The Year 5 Team.

Dear Year 5,


We have had a very enjoyable week. On Wednesday, the children planted some fruit and vegetables in pots, which will be transferred into our new allotments in a few weeks time, ready to be harvested in June/July! 


Next week:


SPAG - recapping prepositions, verbs, adverbs, nouns, adjectives and pronouns

Reading - working on a variety of comprehension questions with a focus on using the text as evidence to justify answers

Maths - revising multiplication and division methods and then applying these in word problems




  • Monday is a bank holiday and there will be no school on this day. Children start back at school on Tuesday
  • Wednesday is our Anglo-Saxon and Viking day. The children will be able to dress up on this day and we have a variety of interesting activities lined up including some art and craft and cooking!


We hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend!


The Year 5 Team


Year 5- 23/04/2015


We have had a fantastic week this week and the children have really settled back into their first full week back after the Easter holidays! We have been learning all about life as an Anglo-Saxon and a Viking. The children have researched all about Vikings looking at their houses, longships, religion and their daily life.

We also hosted Earlswood Masterchef and the children worked in groups to present their dish to the teachers! They were all fantastic and it was an extremely tough choice to crown the winning groups (one from each class)!


Next week we will be learning-

SPAG- how to build up to a shock in a story. Looking at the language used and the punctuation such as an ellipses (...) to build tension. 

Reading- how language is used to help the reader visualise the setting.

Writing- the children are beginning to write their own diary entries to show what life was like as an Anglo-Saxon or Viking.





Dates for your diaries-Wednesday 6th May 2015.



To draw together and celebrate the children’s learning about the Anglo-Saxon and Vikings, we are holding an Anglo-Saxon and Viking Day on Wednesday 6th May 2015.  We will be doing various activities throughout the day.


To help the children enter into the spirit of the day we would like them to dress up as an Anglo-Saxon or a Viking.  It doesn’t have to be too extravagant - an Anglo-Saxon could wear a neutrally coloured T-shirt borrowed from an adult; children can also wear long socks with a shoe lace wrapped around to make it look like sandals; furthermore, you can use a neutral material (like a throw/towel) to wrap around the shoulders – they also wore brooches.  A Viking could wear a similar outfit, however, if you are feeling adventurous you could make a Viking shield or hat from cardboard and paint it or cover it in tin foil. Please see below for some pictures or speak with your child’s class teacher for further ideas.  





We hope you have a lovely week! If you have any questions about the Anglo-Saxon / Viking day please do not hesitate to come in and see us.


The Year 5 Team.






Dear Year 5,


We hope the children have enjoyed the first week back. They have learnt where the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings fit into an historical time line as well as looking more in depth at the Anglo-Saxon way of life. This Friday (tomorrow) we will be having four MPs visiting Earlswood from four main political parties. This will allow the children the opportunity to discuss their views and ask questions. We have discussed the general election with the children this week and briefly outlined how the different parties differ. Many children have questions and you may wish to discuss this further with them at home.


Next week:


SPAG - Inverted commas (speech marks). We will be recapping the use of inverted commas and how to punctuate our speech correctly.


Reading - To consider character's feelings and personality through their actions e.g. 'he slammed the door', tells us the character is angry.


Maths - Mental calculations. The children will be considering the best and most effective ways to work out calculations without writing these down.


We hope you all have a good week :)


Below are some additional websites that you can use to access further information about the Anglo-Saxons with your child: -   This website has many sections to explore including:  Who were they?, Anglo-Saxons at war, Anglo- Saxon life, Growing up, Anglo-Saxon beliefs, What happened to them and the Invasion and settlements.  -The British Museum holds amongst the largest collection of Anglo-Saxon artefacts in the world. These artefacts appear on their website with a description. The website also contains valuable information into the background and family life of the Anglo-Saxons. -  When researching into our visit we were recommended the work of David Freeman and his website. This website has a lot of useful information including weapons , clothes, art, houses and artefacts. The website also contains a timeline starting at the ice age until the present day stating the time period that passed and the events that happened. -  This website is a website aimed at children with a vast variety of different sections based around the Anglo-Saxons. The website offers a section among others of ‘Anglo Saxon’ life. Within this section there is information on  what the Anglo-Saxons  ate and drank, were they lived, what they wore and what they do.





Year 5- 26/03/15


I cannot believe we are about to finish our final week of the Spring Term.  I am sure you will agree that the time has flown by! We are coming to the end of our Space topic and the children are writing fantastic Space stories to showcase all they have learnt about the Solar System.


We hope you all enjoyed the Spring assembly and the hard work the children put into learning all the songs and poems, it was lovely to see the amazing set of skills they have.


Homework will be given as usual and must be completed by the Thursday (16th April) of our first week back. 


Our topic next half term will be Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We have lots of exciting activities planned for next half term so we hope the children are as excited as the teachers! Here are some links to use to find out some information about our next topic.



We wish you are fantastic Easter holiday and will see you on Tuesday 14th April 2015.


The Year 5 Team.

Hi Year 5!


Next week is our last week before the Easter break. The children enjoyed visiting Reigate Park Church for a re-enactment of the Easter Story. The children were able to ask any of the characters questions based on the story and the Christian religion.


Next week:


SPAG - The children will be consolidating their learning of inverted commas (speech marks). They will be reminded that speech always begins with a capital letter and has a form of punctuation before closing the inverted commas.


Reading - The children will be recapping their knowledge of Aesop and his fables, which the children reall enjoyed.


Maths - The children will be learning all about reflection in a mirror line and, later in the week, moving onto reflecting a shape into 2 lines of symmetry and a co-ordinate grid.




  • Year 5 Spring Assembly - 9.30am Wednesday 25th March - everyone is welcome


  • Early end Friday - The children will be leaving school early on Friday at 2.15 for the start of the Easter holidays.


We hope you have a lovely Easter break and look forward to seeing everyone again in the Summer term!


The Year 5 Team



Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day 1
Red Nose Day 2
Red Nose Day 3
Red Nose Day 4
Red Nose Day 5
Red Nose Day 6
Red Nose Day 7

Year 5- 12/03/2015


This week the children have had to be reporters, they have explored all the facts, myths and ideas surrounding the Space Race. The children had to decide whether they believe the moon landing was real or fake. They will be writing a newspaper article about the Space Race supporting their opinion. 

In P.E. the children are learning Tag Rugby, the children can get very muddy so please make sure they have full P.E kit with them in school.


Next week they will be learning:

Maths-measurement and place value

SPAG-inverted commas (speech marks)

Reading- writing a book review


We will be making rockets in PBL next week so if you have any spare film canisters at home, please bring them into school. Thank you.


Have a great week.

The Year 5 Team.





This week we have been focusing on the features of each planet.We have discussed how Pluto is no longer a planet and that there are now 8 planets in our Solar System the children used kitchen roll to demonstrate the distance between each planet, they were amazed by how far away Neptune was from the Sun! Next week we will be looking the Space Race in more detail to help us write a newspaper report about the main events!


Next week in:

Maths- we will be reading and interpreting graphs

SPAG- looking at the difference between hyphens and dashes and when to use them

Reading - looking at using our skimming and scanning skills to answer comprehension questions accurately

Writing- writing newspaper articles on the Space Race


Have a lovely weekend


The Year 5 Team




5M 5G 5S




Josh Saunders









Well done to the children who have shown fantastic manners throughout the week and got to sit on the top table on Friday lunchtime.




Chloe T







Book Week


Monday 2nd March- Friday 6th March


Dates for your diary:

23.2.15 – Bring books into school for Book Swap Shop.

2.2.15-5.3.15 – Bring Book Shelfie Selfie photographs into school.

11.3.15-16.3.15 – Book Fair


Book Swap Shop

Bought a book and finished it? Don't know what to do with it? If you've read it, swap it!

To help us share good books at Earlswood, we will be setting up a ‘Book Swap Shop’ during Book Week. If you have a book at home that you have enjoyed and would like to swap with another good book, please bring it into school week beginning 23rd February. Please ensure the books you donate are in a good condition so that they can be enjoyed again.


‘Book Shelfie Selfie’ Competition!

Have you ever had a weird look when reading a book? No? Then what you need is a crazy place to read! To help us celebrate reading during Book Week, we are inviting all children and staff to enter our competition ‘Book Shelfie Selfie!’ We would like everyone to get involved and have some fun by taking a picture of themselves reading in an unusual place! On Friday 6th March, World Book Day, the entries will be judged by Mrs Tidy, and prizes will be awarded to children and staff with the most unusual photograph! Please bring your photographs into school between Monday 2nd March and Thursday 5th March.


Book Fair

‘Travelling Books’ will be returning to the Federation on Wednesday 11th March. The Book Fair was a huge success in October and we raised hundreds of pounds worth of book vouchers for the school. There will be a large selection of books suitable for children aged 4-11 years old, at great prices, so please come and have a look at the Junior School on 11th, 12th, 13thand 16th March before and after school. Your child will receive a book token during Book Week that can be used at the book fair or taken to your local bookseller and can be exchanged for one of ten books.


We are really looking forward to Book Week and we can’t wait to see your photographs! If you have any questions, please just speak to your class teacher.

26/2/15 Year 5


We hope you all had a lovely and relaxing half term. The children have all settled back into their learning and are excited about our new topic of Space!

This week the children have started to discover all about the different planets and the phases of the moon. The classrooms have all been transformed into space stations and there is a real buzz for learning!


Next week we will be learning:

SPAG- The children will be unpicking fables and writing their own choosing a particular moral.

Writing- We will be looking at the features of newspaper reports and beginning to plan our own linked to space.

Maths- The children will be looking measuring perimeter and area.




Please click on the link below to find out some interesting Space Facts



The Year 5 Team


It is already the end to another half term! It has gone very quickly but we have learnt a lot. The children have finished their stop screen animations and they look fantastic! Please see some of the examples below. 


Next half term our topic will be Space. The children will be learning all about the planets, their features, size and distance from each other, space travel (including the Space Race), phases of the moon and the movement of the planets in relation to the Sun. It will be a very exciting half term with lots to learn!


Maths - In the first week back we will be learning how to convert between cm and mm, Km and m and between some imperial and metric measurements. 




Monday 23rd February is an INSET day and therefore the children return to school on Tuesday 24th February.


We hope you all have a very relaxing half term and we look forward to seeing you all again!


The Year 5 Team

A Movie by 5S

Still image for this video

Deforestation - The Movie

Still image for this video

Frog Saves the Rainforest

Still image for this video

Jungle Journey

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Stop screen animation

5/2/15- Year 5


This week the children have been put into teams to start the creation of their stop-screen animations. They have planned, designed and started to create sets for their animations. A range of materials have been used to build characters and rainforests. The effort the children have put in to these has been fantastic. We are looking forward to seeing the finished films next week!


Next week is assessment week where the children will complete mental maths, written maths, writing and GPS papers. 


In maths next week the children will be looking at percentages.


Have a great week,

Year 5 Team.

Ella-Mai's letter persuading companies to stop the deforestation of the jungle. It's a wonderful piece of writing, well done Ella-Mai.

22/01/15- Year 5

This week we have been looking the Baka Tribe who live in The Congo Basin Rainforest. The children have researched all about their way of life and found out lots of interesting facts. Using all the facts they have found the children are creating informative booklets that tell you all about the Baka Tribe.


Next week-


Reading- the children will be justifying their opinion using evidence from the text to support their answer. E.g. why do you think that he is a good person? He is good because in the text is states he helped an old lady cross the road.


Maths- we will be looking at decimals, fractions and percentages.


We will be beginning to look at deforestation and the importance of keeping our rainforests safe over the next week.



Please could you start collecting shoeboxes for the children to bring in as they will be making stop screen animations and the shoe boxes make fantastic scenery settings! Thank you.


Have a lovely week.


Yea 5 Team.



This week the children have been learning lots of information about the Rainforest. Not only have we discussed where we can find the rainforests around the world but the children have learnt the different layers that are found within the rainforest and what lives in each one. Next week we are looking at the tribes that live in the rainforest, focusing in particular on the Baka Tribe. The children will be producing and informative booklet on this tribe.




Writing - The children will be revising tenses (past, present and future) to ensure they use these correctly and consistently throughout their writing.


Reading - The children will be commenting on authors language choices in creating mood and atmosphere.


Maths - The children will be looking at ordering and rounding decimal numbers.




  • PE kits are needed on Tuesday and Thursday. Children are welcome to bring an additional jumper to wear for outdoor PE on Tuesdays during the cold and wet weather.


Have a good week :)


Welcome back after the Christmas break. We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a very happy New Year. 

The children have settled back in  quickly and they are already enjoying the new topic of Rainforests. We are looking at where the rainforests are situated and what impact they have to our Earth. 


In GPS this week we have been looking at the importance of proof reading work and how to edit a piece of work to improve it. In maths we have completed sums in roman numerals and looked ta negative numbers.


Next week we will be focusing on:

GPS- modal verbs (they go before other verbs to show how certain/possible something is e.g. we must play golf) and determiners (words that come before the noun e.g. the king, my friend.)


Reading - we will consider how to emphasis with different character feelings, thoughts and actions.


Maths- measuring and identify different types of angles accurately .


Have a good week.


Year 5 Team.

Year 5 - 18th December 2014


This term has flown by, I am sure you agree that it seems surreal that we  have already finished the first term and Christmas is approaching! We have continued to work hard within lessons, but have also reflected on the successes of the first term in Year 5. There have been too many highlights to list, but the top two (for the teachers) were the presentations the children did on their trip to Antarctica and, more recently, the Christmas card sale. We would again like to thank you for coming to support this event; it really helped to enhance the children's learning for this project. We raised approximately £90 towards wet play toys for the Year 5 classroom! 


We hope you have a lovely Christmas break. Here are some poems that each Year 5 class did about our popular woodlands lesson on skills day: 


5G Woodland Poem


In the woods, rain falling from the sky and landing on my head.

Scraping flint against steel, sparks shooting and dancing like fireworks.

Cotton wool lit.

People gather round the glowing flames, nervous not to get too close.

Sparks gliding around them like mini fireworks blasting without warning.

Flames crackling and the thick mud squelching under boots.

Fire roaring in the cold bitter wind.

Excitedly I slip the marshmallow onto stick and place it in the heat.

Aroma building, that hungry feeling, pink turning to black, oozing inside.

Marshmallows explode like a bonfire in my mouth, burnt coating and a soft cushion of joy inside.

Silky cream sliding down my throat.



5S Woodland Poem

Excitedly running towards the woodland,

Crunchy leaves fall at our feet.

Loud cracking from small sticks.

Nervously hiding behind a stone as people try to catch me.

Exhausted cops trying to catch robbers,

Running happily away from friends as they shout ‘it’!

Laughing and shouting everywhere. 

Jumping, climbing, running.

Happy and exhilarated.


Hot orange sparks flicked down from flint and steel,

On cotton wool the Vaseline catches.

Fire flying like fireworks as the tiny embers grow.

Fire bursts into flames, filling the atmosphere with grey smoke.

Hot flames toasting,

Marshmallows burning in my mouth.

Soft and gooey sliding down my throat, melting like a sugar cube in hot water.

Making me smile - divine silky softness.

Creamy silk dripping down my mouth.

Exhausted but elated.


5M Woodland Poem


I’m excited to go down to the woodlands

Lighting the fire in fire pits

There’s such amazing things here

We are lucky having woodlands near


Leaves of green

Wood of brown

Down twigs fall

Don’t make a sound


The trees stand tall and proud

The crunch of leaves give a lovely sound

The pleasant feeling of being in the woods

I’m roaming happily round and round


Leaves of green

Wood of brown

Down twigs fall

Don’t make a sound


Grabbing wood To make dens

It feels good like stuff from hens

Let’s go to the stream

If you see a bee then please don’t scream.


Leaves of green

Wood of brown

Down twigs fall

Don’t make a sound


Leaves are falling on my head

As twigs crunch beneath my feet

We’ve got the fire going

the marshmallows taste so sweet


Leaves of green

Wood of brown

Down twigs fall

Don’t make a sound


This day has been really fun,

Yummy marshmallows in my tum,

I have really enjoyed this Woodlands day

Everyone say “Hip-Hip Hurray”


Project Based Learning

Year 5- 11/12/14


The children have had a busy week in their companies creating their Christmas cards. They have spent a lot of time planning, designing and making their packs of cards to sell! They are all excited to show you their hard work and how they have used their teamwork and persuasive writing skills to create adverts to accompany their cards.


GPS: Next week we will be focusing on when to use a/an in writing. We will also be looking at homophones such as their/there/they're.


Maths: In maths we will be using the different methods we have learnt over the term to help us answer word problems. e.g. using column addition and subtraction to answer a word problem.


Have a great last week of term!


The Year 5 Team





Hello Year 5!


This week the children have created a persuasive poster for their Christmas cards. The children will be taking these home as an invitation for you. They have also  just begun to transfer their designs onto polystyrene, ready for print!


Next week:


GPS: The children will be learning all about inverted commas. Inverted commas are 'speech marks'. They shall be using a new line for a new speaker and ensuring there is a punctuation mark before they close the inverted commas. 


Maths: In Maths we will be continuing with time. We will recap analogue to digital time as well as introducing word problems and reading time tables.




  • Please could 5G bring their wellington boots in on Monday and keep them in all week. This is because they will be looking after the chickens next week and it is very muddy in the pen.
  • The children will be bringing an invitation to their card sale home but just as a reminder, it will be this Thursday 3-3.40pm in the hall.
  • PE kits are needed Tuesday and Thursday and wellington boots are needed Wednesdays.


Thank you 


The Year 5 Team

Dear Year 5,


The children are now well under way with their project 'What Makes Britain Great?'. The children have been learning how to make their writing persuasive and have produced persuasive posters to sell their Christmas cards. Next week the children will be beginning to consider their TV advert and how best to sell their cards. 


SPAG (GPS) - SPAG has now been renamed to GPS (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling). Next week in GPS the children will be learning how to use colons and ellipses in their writing correctly.


Maths - In maths next week the children will be comparing analogue and digital clocks to ensure they can read time confidently. This will link to fractions, which the children have learnt over the last few weeks. 




Christmas Making Day is Monday 1st December. The children will be making a Christmas decoration in the morning. You will be more than welcome to join your child in this activity. Please arrive at school at 9 and the session will finish at 11. 


PE kits are needed on Tuesdays and Thursdays and wellington boots are needed on Wednesdays for woodlands. 


Thank You


The Year 5 Team



Year 5 - 21/11/14


Thank you to all the parents who came to parents' evening, it was fantastic to see you. Also, as our first trip approaches, thank you to all of the parents that have paid or spoke to us about the payment of the trips. If you haven't, then please do have a chat and we will be able to direct you on this process.


This week we have continued with our project based learning topic  'What makes Britain Great?'.  The children have been put into groups and have made their own British company where they will design and make Christmas cards. These will be on sale in the hall on the 11th December between 3pm-3.40pm. The children have already come up with fantastic designs and will be press printing them onto cards. Next week, they will also be making adverts for their cards which you will be able to see on the 11th December. 


Next week-

In SPAG the children will be focusing on using brackets and dashes in sentences.


In Maths, the children will continue with fractions, focusing on how to find a fraction of a number. 


Have a great weekend.


The Year 5 Team

Year 5- 13/11/14


Hello, we had an interesting end to the week last week with no school on Friday, we apologise for the inconvenience caused by the burst water main and thank you for you co-operation. We hope that you made the most of the day off and if you came to the fireworks show we hope that you had a great time.


This week we have looked at famous places in Great Britain and the United Kingdom and located them using an atlas on a map. The children have also learnt about the history of the Commonwealth and what countries are part of it.


Next week we will be looking at:

SPAG- main and subordinate clauses (adding extra information to a sentence) e.g. the cat, who was brown, liked to chase mice. We will also be learning about relative clauses, when the clause is introduced by a relative pronoun (e.g. that, which, who).


Maths- equivalent fraction and fractions as decimals and percentages.



On Wednesday please can the children bring in wellies and clothing suitable to go down to the woodlands in.


Year 5 Team




Year 5- 6/11/14


Welcome back to Year 5 after the half term. We hope you had a lovely break and enjoyed the sunshine!


This week we have started our new project based learning topic on 'What makes Britain Great?'

The children have started to look back in history at the different eras and how they have made Britain the country it is today. The children produced presentations about the Kings and Queens of Britain and why they are important to Britain. During Queen Victoria's reign there were many great inventions, the children researched what has been invented through the times and even came up with an invention of their own!


Click on this link to find out the 50 greatest British inventions.



Next week-

In SPAG the children will be focusing on the subject and verb agreement e.g. the people were swimming or the man was swimming.


In maths the children will be learning short division to work out division sums.



Year 5 Team

Cooking and football

Hello Year 5 - 23/10/14


This week we have completed our trips to Antarctica! The children in their companies all presented a pitch about why their team should be chosen. They discussed the journey taken, equipment needed and what food they would be eating. The children presented confidently and managed to stay within their budget throughout the trip!


In P.E. the children played mini games of football putting together all the skills they have learnt over the half term. They all played extremely well with many goals being scored!


We have learnt all about Diwali day and why light is an important part of the Hindu religion. The children learnt a traditional dance which was performed in assembly, they learnt about rangoli patterns and how these are used to invite the Goddess Lakshmi into their homes and also how light is used throughout the house during Diwali.


What an exciting week it has been. We hope you all have a fantastic half term and the children have a well deserved break after their hard work!


From the Year 5 Team.




Hello Year 5!   16/10/14


This week we have planned the equipment we would need to take with us on our trip to Antarctica. Working within a set budget and with a limit on the weight of the equipment, the children worked hard to pick items that were necessities for the trip and not items they may have preferred, such as PlayStations! Mr Saunders came back to visit us and a group from each class presented him with their Antarctic pitch. They described their company name, logo and slogan, discussed what route they would take and the equipment they had chosen.


  • In SPAG next week we will be focusing on root words, suffixes and prefixes.


  • In Maths we will be looking at column addition and subtraction.


 Thank you for your Harvest donations, all the children did extremely well in the assembly and we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.


The Year 5 team.



Hello Year 5!


We have had a very productive week! The children have finished their journey plans for their Antarctica expedition. We are now looking at a variety of equipment that the children may want to take with them. They will need to consider their budget and the weight of each item they choose. We have begun to investigate g and kg and how to convert between the two. They will be continuing with this part of our project next week, moving onto the food section later in the week.


Maths - This week we have been multiplying whole numbers and decimals by 10, 100 and 1000. Next week the children will be learning how to divide by 10, 100 and 1000.


SPAG - The children will be learning about connectives next week. We will be looking at a variety of connectives to extend their learning and how to use these successfully in their writing.




  • Homework: The new spellings will be sent home with the children tomorrow and Mathletics will be set. Please remind the children to record all their reads in their Home School Contact Book. Thank you.


  • The Year 5 Harvest assembly will be held at 11-11.30 on the 16th October - everyone is welcome smiley



The Year 5 Team  

Below are the words for the songs Year 5 are singing in the Harvest Assembly so that the children can practise at home:


All Among the Barley


Now is come September, the hunter's moon begun

And through the wheaten stubble is heard the frequent gun

The leaves are pale and yellow, and kindling into red

And the ripe and bearded barley is hanging down its head


All among the barley, who would not be blithe

When the ripe and bearded barley is smiling on the scythe


The spring is like a young man who does not know his mind

The summer is a tyrant of most ungracious kind

The autumn's like an old friend, who loves one all she can

And she brings the bearded barley to glad the heart of man


The wheat is like a rich man, it's sleek and well-to-do

The oats are like a pack of girls, laughing and dancing too

The rye is like a miser, it's sulky, lean, and small

And the ripe and bearded barley is monarch of them all


Now is come September, the hunter's moon begun

And through the wheaten stubble is heard the frequent gun

The leaves are pale and yellow, and kindling into red

And the ripe and bearded barley is hanging down its head


You’ll Harvest What You Grow


How can you find the things you are seeking

If you go flying off in the air 

So listen, because I am speaking 

You must be cautious and take care


You'll harvest what you grow 

Go with what you know 

Just look at my garden and you'll see

(Oh Yeah!)


You reap just what you sow 

So plant things in a row 

Then you can be happy just like me

Now don't go searching for your dreams in the sky 


They may be growing here on the ground 

You'll harvest what you grow 

Weed and rake and hoe 

Then you will be fed and safe and sound



I keep my crops all perfectly ordered 

That's the proper thing one should do 

The rows are neat, the sections are bordered 

And I'd advise the same for you


Oh, Harvest what you grow 

Go with what you know

Just look at my garden and you'll see 

You reap just what you sow 

So plant things in a row 

Take a tip from my philosophy


Now if one wants to have some carrots this fall 

One has to plant the seeds in the spring 

You'll harvest what you grow 

And in time you'll know 

Why I think that's the only song to sing


Harvest what you grow 

Go with what you know 

Just look at my garden and you'll see

You reap just what you sow 

So plant things in a row 


Harvest for the world:

Book Fair


Travelling Books’ are returning to the Infant School on Wednesday 8th October. The Book Fair was a huge success last year and we raised over £500 worth of book vouchers for the school. There will be a large selection of books suitable for children aged 4-11 years old, at great prices, so please come and have a look on 8th, 9th and 10th October before and after school.

Hello Year 5!   02/10/14


This week we have been on an exciting learning journey across the globe!


During our Project Based Learning the children have worked in teams of four to create their own explorer company. They have created a team name, logo and slogan. Their companies have started to plan a route from Redhill across the globe to finally reach the Antarctic Peninsula. They have been given a budget and atlases to help them plan their own journeys. The children have been very excited and we have heard them discussing their journey throughout the day (even during break and lunch times!).


We had an exciting skills day on Wednesday where the children designed their own garden for the school in Outdoor learning. Cooked up a feast of vegetable cous cous in Cooking and learnt how to stay safe on the internet during computing! What an action packed day they had.


What we are looking at next week:


SPAG- we will be focusing on understanding what adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs are and how we can use them to help our writing.


Maths- we are looking at multiplying by 9 and 99 by using our knowledge of the 10 and 100 times tables to help us.

For example:


43x9= (43x10) -43





  • The children are set 3 pieces of homework a week:

- Reading 5 times a week (20 minutes). These reads must be recorded each day and signed off by an adult.

- Mathletics homework is set on a Friday. When the children log in the set activities will show on their home screen. The children must complete these before they can access any other activities. 

- Spellings will be sent home on a Friday. The children will be asked to complete a spelling quiz the following Thursday.


Children need to remember to bring in their spelling books on Thursdays. If any area of the set homework is not complete the children will need to complete this at lunch time on Thursday.


  • PE kits need to be in Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week.


If you have any concerns, questions or comments please speak to one of the Year 5 team.


Have a good week!


The Year 5 Team

Hello Year 5!   25/09/14


This week has been very exciting as we have had some visitors in Year 5.


The NSPCC ran a workshop with the children on Wednesday in order to raise awareness of their charity.

The Samaritans have also delivered an assembly to the school to explain their shoebox scheme. The children will have a letter sent home which will explain this.


Mr Saunders visited Year 5 on Thursday afternoon to speak to us about his experiences when he travelled to the Antarctic! The children learnt how they could travel to the Antarctic, the wildlife they may see and what they could do when they arrive. 

Next week the children will be starting a project where they will need to plan their own expedition to the Antarctica. The children will work in groups and will need to consider the journey, transport, food supply, medicine and equipment that they will need on their expedition. Each group will be given a budget and will need to decide how best to spend their money. Mr Saunders will be visiting us again in October so that the children can share their plans with him. 




In SPAG next week the children will be looking at the use of commas in their writing. In particular we will be focusing on the use of commas in a list. 




Next week we will be looking at 3-D shapes. We will be revising the names of a variety of 3-D shapes and then the children will be investigating the properties of 3-D shapes including faces, edges, vertices and angles. Later in the week the children will be drawing and making 3-D shapes using estimation. 




  • The children are set 3 pieces of homework a week:

- Reading 5 times a week (20 minutes). These reads must be recorded each day and signed off by an adult.

- Mathletics homework is set on a Friday. When the children log in the set activities will show on their home screen. The children must complete these before they can access any other activities. 

- Spellings will be sent home on a Friday. The spellings this week are focused on the rule 'i before e, except after c' and the children will be asked to complete a spelling quiz the following Thursday.


Children need to remember to bring in their spelling books on Thursdays. If any area of the set homework is not complete the children will need to complete this at lunch time on Thursday.


  • PE kits need to be in Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week.


If you have any concerns, questions or comments please speak to one of the Year 5 team.


Have a good week!


The Year 5 Team



Picture 1 Mr Saunders sharing his Antarctic experiences
Picture 2

Hello Year 5!   18/09/14


This week we have been very busy learning all about Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen and their race to the South Pole! We discovered that Amundsen made it to the South Pole first as he was an experienced explorer and was prepared for the trip! We have written diaries as though we were part of the great race and we have looked into what materials insulate us the best!


  • In SPAG next week we will be focusing on apostrophes and when we use them.


  • In maths we will be look at word problems using addition and subtraction. We will also begin to look at properties of 3D shapes.


A few reminders-

  • Homework will be given out on Friday the 19th of September. There will be 10 spellings and three optional spellings to learn. In addition there will be mathletics homework to complete. This is due back in on  Thursday the 25th of September.
  • Swimming lessons start on Friday the 19th September.



Follow this link to see the last page from Captain Scott's real diary they found 8 months after he died in Antarctica!


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to come and see us!


The Year 5 team

Music and P.E. 16/09/2014


We had an exciting lesson last week with Mr Scullin, learning all about different instruments and how to play them! Here are some pictures of what we got up to.

In football this week, we have been learning how to dribble, pass and shoot with Mr Blackman. These skills will help up us to build our confidence and help us play some skilled football matches! 

Well done Year 5! 



Hello Year 5!smiley


We hope you have enjoyed your first week back and settled into your new Year 5 classes. We have really enjoyed getting to know you all!

We have an exciting week ahead of us as we will be finding out in our Project Based Learning all about Antarctica and the great race to the South Pole.


In SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) we will be focusing on punctuation, particularly question and exclamation marks.

In Maths our focus is adding and subtracting mentally.


A few Year 5 reminders:

  • PE kit is needed Tuesday, Wednesday (for outdoor learning) and Thursday.
  • The home school contact books need to be signed by a parent/carer by the end of the week to confirm the five 20 minute reads.
  • Please check the website for the updated uniform policy and if you have any queries do not hesitate to speak to your class teacher.
  • Homework will be sent out the week beginning the 15th of September.


During our skills day the children have had the opportunity to learn all about kitchen hygiene before our cooking lessons begin this term.   This week we also explored the woodlands,  learning about our local environment and used our computer skills to create an internet safety poster. Photos to follow :)


If you would like to learn some fun facts about Antarctica have a look at this website!


Have a great rest of the week!


The Year 5 team!



Welcome to Year 5!


We hope you had a fantastic summer and are ready for all the exciting things that will be happening this year!


On this page we will be giving you and your parents/carers a weekly update of what we have been doing and what we will be doing in the coming week. We hope that by doing this it will give your parents/carers a clear idea of what you are doing at school.


PE will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays this year. Please make sure you have your full PE kit in school on these days as it will vary whether we are inside or outside.


Please remember that we have an open door policy - come and speak to us at any time.


Have you visited the Kids’ Zone yet? You can play games and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!

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