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Year 5

Week beginning 20th November


English: We will be looking at the diary of Samuel Pepys. We will use this as inspiration to write our own diary entry about the plague. We will be using co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions in our writing.


Maths: We will be investigating the perimeter of composite shapes. We will be finding the length of all the sides within the shape in order to calculate the perimeter.


Reading: A crime has been committed! Someone has stolen the golden chalice! We will be investigating the motives of different characters to see who the culprit may be.


Monday 20th November - Dress up day for 5B and 5H

Tuesday 21st November - Dress up day for 5R and 5SE

Please see below for more details.

First News Debate

Week beginning 13.11.17


English: We will be writing the second half of our Pied Piper story. We will be using speech to move the story on and will be using strategies to link sentences and paragraphs.


Reading: We will be looking at the descriptions of settings and characters.


Maths: We will be learning about the properties of 3D shapes and their nets. We will also be looking at the properties of a variety of quadrilaterals.


Project: We will be looking at life in Medieval times and differences between rich and poor people.


Please can we have any glass jars that you have at home.


5B 5SE 5H 5R

















Week beginning 6th November


English: We will be writing our own version of the tale of the Pied Piper. We will be including prepositional phrases and adverbial phrases.


Maths: We will be learning about squared and cubed numbers e.g. 2² = 4, 2³ = 8. We will also be looking at prime numbers (numbers only divisible by themselves and 1).


Reading: We will begin to read our book 'The Curse of Castle Cranston'. We will discuss vocabulary within the text and making predictions about the story.


Project: This week our focus will be on art. We will be discussing geometric patterns and using this to create a picture of a Plague Doctor.


We need your help! Please can we have any glass jars (jam jars) you have at home? Thank you


Poppy Day! - From Monday 6th November to Friday 10th November we will be selling poppies for £1.00 each, in aid of The Poppy Appeal at both the infant and junior sites. You class teacher will be given a timetable detailing when the poppies will be sold in your class.

Dress Up Days


Anti Bullying, Monday 13th November 2017

Children are welcome to wear something blue on this day to support and recognise anti bullying.


Children in Need, Friday 17th November 2017

Dress up in spots!

With a donation of £1, children are welcome to dress up in spots on this day or paint their face with spots to show their support for Children in Need.

Your child will have come home with a letter about our visit from Tales of Plague.

5B and 5H – Monday 20th November

5SE and 5R – Tuesday 21st November


To make this an exciting experience, we have asked the children to dress up. Children could either dress like peasants or if they prefer, lords and ladies from the 1340s to 50s (medieval period). Please don’t feel you have to buy a costume, just wear:

Peasants – clothes that are neutral colours, e.g. brown and beige.

Lords and ladies – purple and red colours were the province of the gentry!


Week Beginning 30th October 2017


English: We will be exploring the story of the Pied Piper. For our grammar focus we will be learning all about prepositional phrases, adverbial phrases and using speech to move a story on.


Maths: We will be looking at Multiplication and Division, defining a 'multiple', 'product', 'factor'.  We will explore problems relating to common factors. 


Reading: We will begin The Curse of Castle Cranston and meet the main characters. We will be predicting what we think might happen from the front cover and blurb. 


Project:  We will begin our new topic - Peasants, Princes and Pestilence. We will begin by learning how the plague was carried into Britain all the way from China...

Week Beginning 16th of October 


Maths: We will be looking at statistics, including bar graphs and lines graphs. We will learn how to read graphs and process the information they give us. 


English: After exploring features of a persuasive leaflet last week, this week we will create a leaflet to advertise how great England is, including bullet points and brackets in our work.


Reading: After finishing and reflecting upon Matilda, we will write a book review and then end the week with reading some spooky stories!


Project: On Thursday we will be having a British tea party! In order to prepare for it we will be researching recipes, writing menus and creating decorations. 



We will shortly be giving your child their first weekly spelling list to learn. We would really appreciate it if you could bring the green spelling books back into school so we can stick these in. The children will then need to bring in their spelling book each Thursday for the weekly test. If you have any questions about homework please speak to your class teacher. 

Week Beginning 9th of October 2017


English: We will begin a new unit of work looking at leaflets. We will develop our skill in using bullet points, creating cohesion between sentences and brackets.


Maths: We will be applying our knowledge of rounding to solve problems involving estimation. We will then move onto solving addition and subtraction multistep problems in contexts. 


Reading: We will be learning The Crocodile by Road Dahl before creating a scary performance to share with the class. We will then continue with last portion of Matilda, continuing to develop our expression when reading out loud. 


Project: We will be using our ICT skills to use a program on the iPads to present our learning on What Makes Britain Great. 

Week Beginning 2nd of October


English After exploring persuasive devices last week, we will write a formal letter to the Queen asking her to turn Big Ben back on.


Maths: We will be focusing on adding and subtracting numbers larger than 4 digits using the column method.  


Reading: While continuing to develop our expression for the malicious Miss Trunchbull we will explore Road Dahl's use of language to create an effect on the reader.


Project: We will continue to learn about Kings and Queens by creating a family tree to show how they are related. 

Week Beginning 27th September


English:  Following our learning from last week, we will be planning and writing our formal letter to the Queen to persuade her to turn Big Ben back on. 


Maths: We will be revising our fluency skills to solve addition and subtraction calculations before applying our knowledge to solve a range of reasoning problems.


Reading:  Continuing Matilda, we will explore character growth and compare the book to film clips.


Project:  We will be using an app on the iPads to present our knowledge of What Makes Britain Great. 

Week Beginning 25th of September


English We will be exploring features of a formal letter and discussing the issue of Big Ben's chime - should it be turned off?


Maths: We will be exploring roman numerals into the thousands and applying our knowledge to use our reasoning and problem solving skills. 

Reading We will read all about Lavender's trick on Miss Trunchbull in Matilda. We will write acrostic poems exploring character traits and explore an extract from the BFG. 


Project:  After learning about the history of the monarchy in the UK, we will create a family tree to show the reign of our Kings and Queens.

Week Beginning 18th of September


English:  In English we will be exploring powerful expanded noun phrases and how we can use these to improve our writing. Following that we will write our own version of My Name is Bob about a different lost pet.


Maths: We will be exploring negative numbers and solving problems related to them.


Reading: We will look at the figurative language Road Dahl uses to create the characters of Miss Honey and Miss Trunchball. At the end of the week we will explore and analyse a First News article. 


Project: We will be explore the artist William Morris before designing our own wallpaper. 


We have now set homework. Your child is expected to complete 30 minutes of EasiMaths per week as well as reading daily. We have sent spellings home to be learnt which will be tested every half term. Please see the website or email for spelling strategies to use with your child when learning them. We will also be testing times tables half termly. By year 5 children are expected to know their 2 - 12 x table. Please practice these at home. If you have any questions about homework, please speak to your class teacher. 

Thank you,

The Year 5 team

Week Beginning 11th of September 2017


English: We will first retell the story of 'My Name of Bob', using relative clauses to add detail to sentences, before editing our work. 


Maths: We will be looking at rounding numbers up to the nearest 100,000. After refreshing our basic skills, we will move onto solving a range of problems.


Reading: We will delve in deeper to Matilda, hearing more about her mischievous pranks. We will even get into role as the parrot!


Project: We will be looking at significant British people and British inventors. 

Week Beginning 6th September 


Welcome back! We hope that everyone had a relaxing summer break. The Year 5 team are excited to welcome the children back and start the year. Our PE days this year are Wednesday and Thursday and our Woodlands lessons, in which all children must wear welly boots, will be on Tuesdays. 


English: We will be looking at the picture book 'My Name is Bob', about an adventurous cat finding a new home. We will then retell the story. 


Maths: We will learn the place value of numbers to 1,000,000, writing these in numbers and words. We will then solve problems which relate to this. 


Reading: We will begin our brand new class book - Matilda by Roald Dahl. We will explore the cover and make predictions before reading the first two chapters. 


Project: Our topic this half term is What Makes Britain Great?. To start with, we will explore why living in England is special to us and our experiences of it. We will then learn a little more about the countries that make up Britain and the UK. 



The Federation of Earlswood Schools recognise our moral and statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all pupils. We endeavour to provide a safe and welcoming environment where children are respected and valued. We are alert to the signs of abuse and neglect and follow our procedures to ensure that children receive effective support, protection and justice. Child protection forms part of the school’s safeguarding responsibilities.