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We offer Nursery Provision to Year 6

Daily routines

Earlswood Nursery Offer 


Earlswood Nursery is our on site nursery, situated in a self-contained building beyond the Infant Playground. Our nursery can be accessed via the Children’s centre gate situated on Ifold Road.  


Our admission policy is inclusive: we welcome children from all backgrounds, cultures, religions and those with additional needs. Our Nursery application form can be found below.


The nursery has its own outdoor learning area, part of which has an all-weather shelter. Children choose to play inside or outside during their session.  Our nursery is part of the Earlswood Federation of Schools and we regularly use their woodland, garden areas, school halls, library, playing field, trim trail and playground. Our nursery is led by an experienced Qualified Teacher.


At nursery children learn through planned purposeful play and through a mixture of adult led and child-initiated activity. We believe play is essential for children’s development. Children learn by leading their own play and by taking part in play which is guided by adults. Children are given time to select their own learning, adults use children’s interests to ignite their passion for learning.


If your child attends Nursery at Earlswood you will still need to apply for a place in reception and you do not get priority if your child has attended.


If you wish to find out more about our nursery please select a link below. If you have any queries or would like to see us in action please feel free to contact us by email at or call us on 01737 765125, Office contact: Catherine Wilkinson.


When they first enter Nursery your child will spend time enjoying a settling in activity. We then use a shaker and gather all the children together to begin their session. We start the session with an introduction to the activities on offer during Independent Learning.

During Independent Learning children have time to explore specifically designed learning activities inside and out. In addition to this children also enjoy a daily group session filled with stories, rhymes, number work and social time.  

At lunchtime, children will get their lunchbox and sit at lunch tables in the Nursery to eat their lunch. We are a ‘nut free’ School and Nursery, please do not let your child bring any NUTS or NUT products to Nursery. Please see our ‘Food Policy’ in our ‘Key Policies’ section of our website for more information about a healthy lunchbox’.
After lunch, your child will once again follow their own interests during Independent Learning and at the end of the afternoon gather together to celebrate the day. 



Nursery Classes - Days and Timings

Ducklings (Mon, Tues & Weds morning)
 8.40am to 3.00pm Monday & Tuesday
 8.40am to 11.15am Wednesday

Chicks (Weds afternoon, Thurs & Fri)
 12.30pm to 3.00pm Wednesday
 8.40am to 3.00pm Thursday & Friday

Goslings (all week)
 8.40am to 3.00pm

Gates close 10 minutes after the start of each session.