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Safeguarding & Pastoral

Sarah Marsh

Safeguarding and Pastoral Lead

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

My job here at Earlswood is to look after all the families who attend our school and nursery, to be a face who is friendly and supportive to all.  I am not a teacher so am not classroom based.  This means I am readily available when families need me for a chat or if outside agencies need to have a person to contact to share information with.  I believe that it is a unique post to our schools.


I work closely with my colleague, Sally, and between us we are able to speak with the children, supporting them emotionally when situations are difficult in the family home or at school as part of the ELSA programme, as well as offering drop in sessions for parents and the opportunity to call or speak to us when there are concerns.


My background prior to this was with the 0-19 health team where for 11 years I worked closely with health visitors, school nurses and therapists, again working with families and supporting all aspects of childhood development.


At home I have raised four children who are all now adults, so have plenty of personal experience of how to parent, juggle being a working parent and empathise, as I know it’s not always easy and I have not always got it right!