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Mathematics at Earlswood...


At Earlswood Federation, we have high expectations for every child. Through the teaching of White Rose Hub Maths Mastery, it holds the expectation that all children will gain a deep understanding of the maths they are learning. In order to achieve ‘mastery’.  Mastery requires a solid understanding of the maths that is being taught to allow pupils to move on to more advanced material.


To achieve this solid understanding, lessons are taught using concrete resources and pictorial representations.  This is an integral part of the mastery journey as it enables learners to have a firm understanding of a mathematical concept before delving deeper. 


To ensure that children can ‘master’ each concept, they are then encouraged to reason with their answers. It is essential that the children can articulate why a particular mathematical concept will or will not work and justify their responses in order to achieve ‘mastery’.


The final part of this approach is being able to problem solve. Problem solving is at the heart of mastering mathematics. Teaching for mastery involves holding problem solving as the ultimate aim of learning mathematics for every child.


It is essential that our children are secure with the fluency as this will enable them to comprehend the reasoning and problem solving. In order to ensure our children are confident with fluency, we dedicate one lesson every week around the four operations. As a result, our children are more confident and quicker when being faced with reasoning and problem-solving questions.