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Reception Learning Expectations (Early Learning Goals)

Phonics support: Phase 3 Sounds:


Here is a link to the scheme we are using with all of the correct pronunciations for each Phase 3 sound:


Please click on Phase 3 sounds taught in Reception Spring 1.

You can support your child to learn these graphemes by:

  • Playing hide and seek - write grapheme cards and hide them around your home, can your child tell you the grapheme they have found?
  • Play teachers and encourage your child to be the teacher and teach you or their siblings each grapheme.
  • Flashcard each grapheme - how quickly can you say all of the sounds you see?
  • Make a matching set of cards - your child could write each new flashcard and play snap or pairs with your two sets.
  • Go on a Phonics scavenger hunt - choose a grapheme card - what can your child find which has the sound on the card? e.g. oi - Can your children find something with the oi digraph in such as a c-oi-n.
  • Continue to learn tricky words and read words with the digraphs we have learnt this term.


Here is a link which explains how we encourage the children to read and blend sounds in words: 

Please click on - How we teach - How we teach blending.

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