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Year 1

A very big Congratulations to our star learners this week!
























Week beginning 23rd September



The children have been learning the story map for Stanley's Stick, and in this week they will be learning about sentence structure as they develop their use of Talk 4 Writing.


Year one continue to develop their fluency and reasoning skills, with a focus place value and the symbols for greater than and less than.

Phonics - stay tuned for our phonemes of the week!

Miss Bond - ch, sh, ng

Miss Royce, Mrs Saraceno and Mrs Bone - y, z, zz, qu, ch

Mrs Bridges and Mr McDonald - ccvc words - those with consonant clusters, such as plop and slip.

Mrs Kaikai - alternative pronunciations of vowel digraphs

Mrs Tarrant, Mrs Emery and Mrs Lawrence - reading and writing words with the 'oy' and 'ir' sounds in them.



Reading is a priority for us as a school, promoting a love of reading and supporting children's developing literacy. If you would like to be a volunteer reader with our classes, please see the Quick Reads, speak to your class teacher or pop into the school office. Any time you can offer will be transformative!

Likewise, the greater the variety of texts we can offer our childre, the better. With that in mind, if you have any books your children have grown out of or are looking to pass on to new homes, please consider donating them to the school. You can drop them off at the classroom or at the office, where they will be very welcome!

Week beginning: Monday 16th September

The Enchanted Woodland continues...


In Year one this week we have been very busy getting to know each other and started our learning.

Next week we continue exploring our topic, including some exciting outdoor learning with Mr Jackson! 



We will be learning how to recognise and use nouns and verbs in sentences, and continuing to practice using capital letters nad full stops.


Year one continue to develop their fluency and reasoning skills, with a focus on more and fewer.


The children are well established in their phonics groups now, and will be continuing to use phonemes and graphemes.

Miss Bond - We will be learning to recognise the j and v graphemes and will be working on our blending skills when reading words with these sounds in.

Miss Royce, Mrs Saraceno and Mrs Bone - We will be learning to recognise and read words with the j, v, w and x sounds in.

Mrs Bridges and Mr McDonald - We will be learning to read cvcc words with consonant clusters e.g. jump and went.

Mrs Kaikai - We will be learning to recognise and read words with the ie and ea graphemes in.

Mrs Tarrant, Mrs Emery and Mrs Lawrence - We will be learning to read and write words with the ie and ea graphemes in.



For the next four weeks, each classroom will be an investigation zone. In addition to the literacy and numeracy, the children will be exploring a Science zone, DT, Computing and Geography zone



Using the Gruffalo's child as a base text, we will explore the change of seasons, particularly looking at, and identifying evergreen and deciduous trees of Britain.


The DT zone will allow children to design and make their own clay Boggart - a mysterious woodland creature, and then designing and constructing a home for them!


Early programming skills will be developed using BeeBots to navigate a trial, and we will be using an art programme to make a woodland picture and be able to save it.


The Geography children will support children to be able to identify the man made and natural features of their environment, including the local area, and then to discover patterns of seasonal changes  across the UK.


Please continue to send children to school with a waterproof coat as the weather is very changeable and we are still going out! 

Welcome to Year One! 

We are super excited to get started with our learning after the summer holidays. The first half term is named Enchanted Woodland and we are encouraging the children to get out into the environment and find out fantastic animal facts! 

We will be sending home reading boks from Friday 6th September, in Year 1 children have new reading books on a Monday and a Friday, so remember to check your bags and read a few pages in the evenings. 

PE days are also Mondays and Fridays, so children can come to school dressed in their PE kit; trainers, white t shirt and black joggers or school PE shorts. Remember to take off any earrings if children cannot remove them independently.


The children have settled amazingly well into their first day in Key Stage 1, even managing to get through to a later lunchtime! We look forweard to seeing them develop and flourish this year. 



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