Federation of Earlswood Schools

A Place to Learn Together

We offer Nursery Provision to Year 6


Welcome to the Federation of Earlswood Schools.  We hope you and your child's time at the school is successful, enjoyable and enriching. 


The governing body of the Federation of Earlswood Schools works with the Senior Leadership Team to define the strategic direction for the school.  This consists of a high-level plan covering several years and the most recent copy is at the bottom of this page.  The areas of focus identified on the strategy overview are then detailed in the School Development Plan (SDP), which is a short-term plan of action.  The governing body monitors the effectiveness of the school in implementing those priorities through visits to the school, reviews by external consultants and reports and other evidence provided at governing body meetings.  


Governors are in school regularly throughout the year, over the last year this has been limited and we have been using Teams to participate, however we hope that this year we will be working with staff in person to seek evidence of the impact of the work being undertaken and hearing about their work and any concerns.  The work of the school and its impact on the children really comes to life when we spend a day a year in school as a whole governing body.  On this day we see classes in action and meet with key individuals involved in delivering the SDP.  The time in school is invaluable in witnessing the commitment of the school to continually improve whilst not forgetting the community feel.  The wonderful behaviour of the children and their engagement in their learning are always a pleasure to see first-hand.  


The last two academic years have been extremely challenging for all of us; the children, parents and carers, teaching and support staff and the governing body.  We thank everyone for their support and encouragement.  This year our plans for the schools are ambitious and we are looking forward to continuing and further building on the successes of the Federation. 


If you have any questions or are interested in becoming a Governor, please feel free to contact me via the office at either school. 


Deborah Dawson

Chair of Governors