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When a child is in the RED ZONE guide

When a child is in the RED ZONE





Use a De-escalation strategy to help your child regulate


Stay Calm

  • The calmer you are, the calmer they will feel. 
  • Keep your voice steady and matter-of-fact. 
  • Get down to their level and make eye contact when you talk. 


Show Empathy

  • Acknowledge how they feel: 

“You look frustrated, and it’s okay to feel that way.” 

  • When YOU name the feelings you see, the CHILD begins to learn to name them too. 
  • Put an arm around the child if appropriate.


Help Solve the Problem

  • Something caused the frustration – let them know you can help fix it. 
  • Give the child language to articulate their feelings, and to describe to you what happened:

 “Oh no! Your block tower fell over, that probably made you feel so mad/frustrated/sad! Sometimes I like when others can help me fix something that is broken”

“That puzzle does look tricky, I know you can do it on your own, but I can help if you think you need it.”


Have a Calm Down Spot

  • Create a calming space for the child to go. Explain to the child that this is a place for taking breaks to calm down, and keep it positive. 
  • Stay nearby - Children need to instinctively know that the adults in their lives can handle their BIG, SCARY Emotions.


When your child is regulated:

  • Eventually children will wind down and feel ready to return to their learning.
  • Offer praise for being able to calm themselves and support a smooth transition into a new activity.

“It looks like you feel better now,” ”You helped yourself calm down!”