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Year 3

As part of our Scrumdiddlyumptious topic, Year 3 have been preparing the allotment and planting onion seeds.

Exploding our volcanoes!

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Exploding our volcanoes!

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We have made volcanoes as part of our topic on Tremors.

We have been learning all about plants this half term. We borrowed microscopes from Warwick School and had a really brilliant time comparing what we could see with and without the microscope. Seeing the plant cells was amazing!

Fun at Bough Beech!

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Learning how the reservoir water is cleaned at Bough Beech.

The water cleaning process in lights!

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Screening the larger fish.

Chlorination kills the germs.

Time for sand filtration!

Carbon filtration takes place inside these towers. This cleans any chemicals from the water.

On top of the reservoir.

Fun in the tunnel underneath the reservoir.

We're excited about going to Bough Beech reservoir next week!

Would you drink this water before it's treated??? We're going to learn how Bough Beech clean the water for us to drink.

Magnetic movements!

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Year 3 have been experimenting with the strength of magnetic force by testing to see if a magnet can hold a paperclip through solids and liquids.

Writing our names in Greek on Greek Day.

We created a maze for the Minotaur and programmed the probots to travel to the centre.

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Today we received a message from Zeus!

We could tell that Zeus was angry because there was thunder and lightning.

The message said that someone had stolen Zeus' lightning bolt and that if it was not found...there would be trouble!

In computing we have been learning how to programme the Probots!

We have been exploring the woods and using mirrors to look carefully at the different shapes and colours in the woodlands!

The beginning of our predator topic started with the children finding lots of clues about a predator that came into Year 3.

Follow the clues...What was our predator???